Morpheus Network, QuarkChain and Qlink Mainnet Launches! Tomochain, Sirin Labs Finney,

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Morpheus.Network's Global Platform is now Live! QuarkChain main net Singularity V1.0 will soon follow. Mattie will also explain TomoChain's new products; TomoX, TomoDEX, and TomoSwap as well as give you the latest from QLink and DX Exchange. He will also review the blockchain phone from Sirin Labs named Finney.
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Explaining #TomoChain ’s new products: TomoX, TomoDEX, and TomoSwap

One Month with Sirin Labs Finney – #Blockchain Phone Review

One Month with Sirin Labs Finney – Blockchain Phone Review

Morpheus.Network’s Global Platform is LIVE!

Countdown to #QuarkChain Mainnet Singularity V1.0: A New Era Of The Next Generation of Blockchain Universe

QLC is Offering You To Benefit From the Go-QLC Token Economy

QLC is Offering You To Benefit From the Go-QLC Token Economy

DX.Exchange: We See Good Pick Up Volume In Digital Stock

Bithumb in Response to the New 3 million Hack: “Your Assets are Safe”

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Morpheus Network, QuarkChain and Qlink Mainnet Launches! Tomochain, Sirin Labs Finney,


  1. Tomochain, Morpheus, QuarkChain. So much happening! 0x30b0A32d9f1745af7B661012dd9eD2039f4b98AB

  2. People don’t give 2 shits about DEX’s otherwise Switcheo would be making more in roads !
    The masses are perfectly fine with giving up their privacy!

  3. You guys NEED to look at Lamden… Under the radar and doing awesome things. Mainnet is about 6 weeks way!

  4. LAMDEN TAU – public and Enterprise business blockchain solution. Mainnet in 4-6 weeks. DONT MISS OUT!

  5. Very nice that Altcoin Buzz always put these links in the description to check it out in a single mouse click.      0x7612b57bf48Fa9436a2f9A808d05DbC21Ffa62Ff

  6. This is my collectible wallet address 0x91454A307C20695B70ddF5436E726d4aC8A29346 Now you mention it Tomochain seems quite interesting

  7. I came into crypto for the gains, I stayed for the memes, but the tech is starting to look good.

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