Morgan Stanley Enters BITCOIN!? – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Morgan Stanley and their recent announcements regarding to step into the crypto space. He also talks about Novogratz and his recent statement. This is a daily segment.
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Morgan Stanley Planning To Step Into The Bitcoin Trading Space

Morgan Stanley Plans to Offer Bitcoin Swap Trading for Clients

Morgan Stanley gearing up for bitcoin derivative trading, Bloomberg reports

Crypto Veteran Michael Novogratz Calls Crypto Market Bottom

Michael Novogratz Tweet

Coinbase’s New Blockchain Association Will Lobby Washington DC

Coinbase And Leading Firms Establish “Blockchain Association” Lobbying Consortium

Coinbase And Leading Firms Establish “Blockchain Association” Lobbying Consortium

A Unified Voice for the Blockchain Industry

National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia Joins RippleNet

National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia Joins RippleNet

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Morgan Stanley Enters BITCOIN!? – Today's Crypto News


  1. Thanks Mattie, Great Vid My Friend. Morgan Stanley, Awesome News, especially another Major Player to BUY THE KING: BITCOIN not alts, YES. I like Mr. Novogratz tweet & if we are higher than $6,800.00 by next Monday, i think he’s correct. I’m for 50% Dencentralisation 50% Centralization. Good for Ripple BUT, I do Not see anything about XRP, I sure hope this works out for the XRP coin hodlers, I Sold Mine for Mr. BITCOIN the Ruler of ALL CRYPTO, Peace & Love for Everyone and a Great Weekend.

  2. Realist…. decentralization would be nice, but if governments can’t control it won’t last. There has to be someone to control.

  3. Hope morganstanly don’t start minipperlateing the market I would to see more retail getting involved peace

  4. With all the huge deals concerning ripple I would hope that xrp will be used at some point. If they are just using xrp to line their pockets I feel a public beheading will be in order!

  5. Can you cover apollo , they coming out with hermes 1.0 on the 16 , with 2 second transaction , it will be a game changer

  6. Awesome! Merrill Lynch/BOA, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, the NYSE all going in on Bitcoin about the same time is incredibly bullish! It’s only a minor speed bump that some of them are just derivatives. They’re just tip-toeing around the regulation, covering their butts until there’s more SEC and congressional clarity. But the sheer fact of SO MUCH coverage and legitimacy will push many other investors to buy actual bitcoin, so the price will almost certainly shoot up anyway. And eventually the big firms will go all in too.

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