Monetha Interview – Trust and Reputation Matter

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JP co-founder of Monetha and I discuss, trust, payment processing, marketing, South East Asia, and the crypto scene in Eastern Europe!

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Monetha Interview – Trust and Reputation Matter

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. JP is cool! I made an investment in Monetha and I’m glad I did. Great interview!

    My quote of the day: “I saw the most beautiful painting at the store today, but then I realized it was just a mirror.”

  2. Glad you interviewed MTH! There has been no new coverage, and it seems like most crypto channels gave up on them! This was my first crypto coin invested on an exchange… GO MTH!

  3. This project is dead in the water, the tech is already outdated and better projects will take these guys out

  4. James Crypto Bull they have a huge uphill battle. But they hit a hardcap and soldout in 35 seconds. Crazy how well they fooled everyone

  5. Matthew Steehler was so much hype about this at the time but they paid a lot of key shillers. However this got dumped big style. there USP is, is now a standard function on their competitors and their biggest flaw is there is no intervention. There were many competitors to PayPal but none of them made its at mass adoption came when people knew if some thing goes wrong that some one would intervene with a monetha they don’t have that and it’s a key element as PayPal as has already shown.

  6. Thanks for the updates JP! Don’t forget to hit that like button everyone and drop a comment below.

  7. Much love to you Lark. Thanks for all your hard work. . . (My dead squirrel just made me BANK!!!)

  8. The first 7 minutes on a star systems on a product that raised 35 million and still doesnt have a minimum viable product!!! Cmon… your talking about a bottle in the recycle bin and theres a dumpster fire next to it!

  9. James Crypto Bull omg, they have gone from payment provider to star rating giver!!! WTF… the deeper i get in this video the worse it gets!!!

  10. I really like your videos and your reviews. I would also like to see more reviews about some privacy cryptos. I firmly believe that privacy coins are the future of cryptos. We all know how important privacy and anonymity is. And out there are some great privacy projects like Monero or Verge, and less known projects which are still under the radar like DeepOnion. What do you thing about all these? Why not making a video about privacy coins? I would really like to hear your opinion about privacy coins.

  11. Hey Lark, the interview is cool as always 🙂
    I’m a fan of anonymous cryptocurrencies, so I’m curious if you can get an interview with one of those founders/developers. I don’t think you’ll get Monero or Dash founders, but maybe someone from PIVX or DeepOnion will be kind enough?

  12. Hey! Interviewed Snappy from PIVX not so long ago, might be talking to Amanda Johnson from Dash soon

  13. Sweet, that would be awesome! And what about DeepOnion, I’d love to see an interview about it, too.

  14. Right. DeepOnion does live Q+As all the time. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue to get you in touch with themonkii, the guy who hosts the Q&As here on youtube.

  15. Hey, an interview with Amanda would be awesome 😀 !!! I’m still regretting not buying earlier, I could have been a masternode… I’d like to point out another privacy altcoin, Aeon, it was nearly dead but has recently rebased Monero and they have a dockerized mobile app that works! And DeepOnion would be an interesting interview also, I’ve got some bucks in there and they’re delivering the goods, they seem promising. Many thanks for the vid!

  16. Sold my oversold 10,000 at break even money wise. But that was 5 ETH whose value went to $1400 per ETH while tied up in this bs project. And the arrogance that they project is sickening. 1 / and 1/2 percent for transactions on this going nowhere coin vs. Litecoin making 99 million transaction for 40 cents. They are not out the gate and obsolete. Who wants the rag coin not developed vs Litecoin? This coin is going to zero and glad I got out.

  17. Ask Monetha team how they compete with a coin listed on coinbase whose transactions cost so much less? Then you have UTRUST who has 100% refundable guarentee for 1%. But if I am able to use Litecoin at Amazon and Monetha at Joe’s store only, DEAD COIN. They conned alot of people. Going to ZERO.

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