Monero XMR – The Future of Private Money – Tech, Price & Malware

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Monero – tough privacy for a digital age with a strong community and no nonsense tech and increasing interest as a payment solution. What do you think of Monero?

Disclosure: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational purposes.
Furthermore, I currently have not invested in this project, but may consider doing so in the future.




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Monero XMR – The Future of Private Money – Tech, Price & Malware


  1. Nice review, Lark. The privacy piece is huge, but I’m very concerned about the potential Big Brother crackdown on privacy coins. We see the alarming privacy erosion here in the States, and it seems like privacy coins are an obvious extension of the Orwellian policies. Sure hope I’m wrong.

  2. Excellent lecture. I hold some Monero with one motivation: This is the only cryptocurrency that add REAL value with the features described Lark. Thanks! -Joakim Holmer🇸🇪

  3. My friend had a lady send her about $200 from BTC last year for a product we then shipped to her home address, we checked the account and it had well over a million dollars in it. I can’t imagine how many people she may have exposed her wealth to this way, but obviously this is very dangerous.
    Projects like Monero are very important.
    I am not fully opposed to Big Brother checking very much since I am a small fish playing by all the rules, however being exposed to everyone is a very big and dangerous problem.
    If your going to spend crypto, make sure any public blockchains you use (which is pretty much all of them besides Monero (Zcash is not private by default)), that you keep small spending wallets, and one you keep your main source of funds in separate.

  4. The good, the bad, the Monero! Minergate came too close for comfort with network control years ago. I don’t think it’s community truly recovered from that.

  5. This is actually a really outstanding video. I’ve held and been following XMR for awhile but I still learned a lot.

  6. Great video Lark. Love the quality content you always provide. Bitcoin not being private is a concern. It should be implemented in the future though. Surely hope so.
    You definitely are one of the best Crypto Youtubers. Thanks for all the work.

  7. I think Monero is probably more decentralized than BTC since they take a hard stance against asic miners. I hold more monero then I do BTC. After this bull run I will hold only BTC and monero on the way down (during the next correction)

  8. On principle alone, Monero is the best crypto to prevent governments from violating your right to financial privacy. It’s arguable that Monero is the closest thing to Satoshi’s original vision than even Bitcoin (Roger Ver’s head just exploded).

  9. well, it kinda is not. the inflation above certain numbers become realy realy low. check out their model.

  10. Great video cryptolark. The browser mining technology you mentioned can also be used as the foundation for nascent micro earnings economies. Had certain actors been more transparent in their implementation of these from the beginning, we might not see as much resistance to them now.

  11. You don’t have to use other crypto’s if you need “transparent” transaction – you can use view-only key for the person you want to allow access to the wallet.
    This coin practically makes everything that Bitcoin does but better.

    It is the only coin that I trust because of the history of it and the community around it that’s focused on technology rather than speculations.

  12. Monero has all the stuff Satoshi Nakamoto intended to implement in Bitcion: anonymity, fungibility and decentralization.

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