Monero – To Invest or Not to Invest?

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Monero is the dark coin of the crypto world, totally private and and also a pain to mine! Let's check it out!

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Monero – To Invest or Not to Invest?


  1. Hey im from nz and have started getting into crypto too. wheres the best place to get your updates/cio meetups etc

  2. Hmm, well if you are talking about NZ specific then there is not heaps going on but you will find a meetup in most majot cities – check out – for all of my updates I follow key company players on Twitter and surf the boards at Steemit (are you using steemit?)

  3. the monero mining contracts will become profitable if the price doubles i expect XMR to go to $200 USD by Xmas. Sleeping Dragon XMR

  4. Hmm, would be interesting to see this happen. So hard to predict the market, but I can agree that Monero is a nice coin. If the numbers change a bit then I can see doing some Monero mining

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