Mithril – Hot New Social Media Coming to a Blockchain Near You

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Jeff Huang and I break down just what him and the guys over at Mithril are making, target markets, mining, their relationship with QTUM, and much more !
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Mithril – Hot New Social Media Coming to a Blockchain Near You


  1. Sub Zero is a casper staking pool… guppies and fish cant stake on casper, just whales because of network congestion issues. Mithril ore is pooled ethereum staking for the average joe

  2. My favorite charity is everyone that bought their first Crypto in the last 3 months. They’re hurting now.

  3. That’s like the one ICO that won’t fail this 2018 season! good point. Lark! get on that one!

  4. Lark – I propose battle of the Mithrils! Get the guy from Mithril Ore on!! Good Day SIR

  5. Lark. Donate to. David Hay and his efforts for Venezuela. Crypto community stands together!

  6. Lark I suggest Donating to Water for Peru… We all take for granted the water we drink.

  7. Good questions, but this guy’s answers don’t inspire much confidence. Good on ya Lark for donating the proceeds, you’re the best!

  8. Alibaba group owner Jack Ma still don’t know how all the things works 🙂 So with Asia it can be magic!

  9. When it comes to investment I don’t want to rely on magic and maybes. It might be great what he is doing, but others have been able to make a much better case. In business ofter perception is more important than reality (to a certain degree of course)

  10. 3:02 look at lark’s happy face when jeff said dungeons and dragons, looks like we got a d&d fan here

  11. I love Lit! Still some work on the app, that’s why it’s beta. But nice & cool people on it! Join Lit and be part of my 3300+ strong ‘litter’ (haha) to see my art, my exclusive-on-Lit cartoon ‘theAliens’ and catpics, catpics, catpics!! Thanks Lark for bringing this to my attention back then 😉

  12. Wow – Great video. So happy to find this interview with Jeffrey Huang. I noticed Mithril only this evening and am excited to see where it goes. Already making a dent in the crypto world. We will see if we can get this voted onto Binance.

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