Minds – Intelligent Social Media

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Bill Ottman CEO and founder of Minds.com and I discuss what Minds is, why they are going blockchain, Steemit, and why your freedom matters.

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Minds – Intelligent Social Media


  1. Awesome to see you reaching out to the Elastos team, Lark. Looking forward to seeing your Elastos related content soon!

  2. And to continue our fun conversation yesterday….I think the imaginary voice of Bitcoin would have a deep, booming and magisterial quality. with the occasional surprised squeak when it is forked. 😀
    It is hard to separate the voice of ethereum from the voice of vitalik.
    But Ethereum is such a beautiful name. somehow angelic.
    One could imagine a passage from a forward thinking religious text saying…. and thus, the Angel Ethereum came down and gave crypto unto the world. There would, have course, have to be a choir of angels singing in the background. ( that would completely drown out the arguments. 😀)
    Aion would sound like a golden- haired Greek god.
    cardano wears a flat cap and has a Yorkshire accent. This coin has the appearance of an elderly gentleman who is been out in all weather’s working and tinkering and repairing and creating something that is, not only, industrial strength, but has some serious copper bottom and endless belts and braces.
    Iota is a marvellous alien with such speed and strength that’s cannot be comprehended by our human eyes. Iota would not actually have a voice. It’s words would just be directly downloaded into your mind.
    skycoin would look like a vast and colourful nebula. It has a million voices that all speak at once in unison calling us to it’s well constructed utopian future.

  3. I want to let people know about the existence of this network. What is the best way to do it. Any invite button ? 😀
    Already posted about it on conventional social networks that I am in ..

  4. Booting and rising of MINDS network is a priority and destiny for free speech… Furthermore, minds is a new social network, challenging to expand and demand free speech for American society. According, minds.com is new social networks depending and leading for you in the future. However, minds.com also operates different categories to compare with Facebook. This is a big challenge for Facebook in years to come.

  5. Just joined, TY I hope facebook, Yt, twitter and the rest falls hard. I will deactivate my fb account soon

  6. It seems Minds has been going for a couple of years, but I’ve only just heard about it. I left Facebook ages ago so if it was on there I wouldn’t have seen it lol.
    I remember when I first went on FB, there was a friend on there who kind of trained me on what was what, so I went on Minds and I was again a fish out of water, it is a learning curve especially for me at my age plus anybody else who are not that too good on the PC.

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