Mike Novogratz Says BItcoin Price Could Reach $40,000 in 2018 Ethereum to $1500

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Mike Novogratz says Bitcoin could reach as high as 40,000 for one Bitcoin. In December 2017, Bitcoin Price reaches $10,000 for one Bitcoin as Ethereum approaches $500.

Mike Novogratz Says BItcoin Price Could Reach $40,000 in 2018 Ethereum to $1500

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  1. Haha, Jeff! You make videos in all genres eh! It’s Kalani. Was just watching my morning crypto vids and stumbled across your channel. Great stuff. I’ll be tuning in everyday. Makes me want to sell all of my SLV I bought at $30 and put it into ETH or BTC! My buddy was saying there’s some sort of issue with using Coinbase from Hawaii. Maybe he’s just trying to keep me out of the market!! Gahh. Alohas-

  2. Tless than 1% invested. Think a bubble is the wrong description. Shift in what people want as future money. People afraid of the current system.

  3. love the bit, “so if you guys are watching this saying 15k is not possible, im saying to you, we just went up 5k.”

  4. I agree… why wouldn’t it get to $15k in a very short time… even with Whales taking profit… and good for them taking profit too.. dam i wish i was a whale… wait… next year i will be that same whale … bcuz i have only played here in the last 4 months…

  5. lol i’ve been there @pepsicola … during the BCH pump last month, was pissed. you wont make that mistake again, hurts too much.

  6. BTC is an astounding coin. No question. It will always be an icon, one of the great wonders in the history of cryptocurrency. And at the same time, it’s just a coin among coins.
    Coins are taking on definition. They serve purposes. Bitcoin’s is to confidently be speculated upon while also storing value. That’s impressive, sure, but it doesn’t sound sufficient or even really applicable to mass-adoption does it?
    Functional real time scaling is the goal, and BTC isn’t suited for that. My feeling is that our beloved Bitcoin may have a place in the future, and will always be the historic coin par excellence, but for where the market is heading we’ll be in the trillions of dollars in value. Satoshis won’t deliver enough precision and BTC is about as suited to transactions as my mother-in-law is to pole-vaulting.
    Functional coins are where we’re headed, and that’s not BTC’s strong suit.
    Bitcoin will reach a zenith, probably retain its grandeur for years as a passive wealth-coin, but ultimately it will have no role in the usage of cryptocurrency. Certain altcoins (I hate that term) will take on the mantle and run better with it. They already have in fact. We are in a transition.
    I could say more on this but the point remains the same: The future belongs to the altcoins; there’s no other logical conclusion.

  7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx once source could be the Node Investor’s most recent video on his channel.

  8. BITCOIN is the KING all other cryptocurrencies will eventually FAIL . There will only be one world currency and that’s BITCOIN , mark my words .

  9. The possibilities are endless. The whales see massive profit potential. $15K = 1 BTC is very possible by Q1 2018 or better yet Christmas this year. Nice video thank you.

  10. It will hit higher than that? Why? Because of the likes of people like me who are buying and are not selling. And don’t care if bitcoin’s value plummet to zero. We are buying bitcoin as a protest to central bankers. Those greedy evil people who sit in their high chairs and think their existence is the biggest blessing to humanity. Central banking is the greatest invention ever conceived to pump the wealth from the masses and transfer it to the 1%. If they can just print money and receive interest from that printed money, then those who print the money will own everything. And pretty much that is the scenario today. Bitcoin is the antithesis of central banking. While central banking is done virtually at the whim of whoever is on the high chair and their books shrouded in mystery, bitcoin has immutable, fair, predictable rules. It’s book of transaction is public and open to anyone. As in anyone even a barefooted hungry from a third world country with just a slow internet connection. So am buying and not selling to keep the price up. And so do a lot of freedom loving people who don’t want to be oppress. The central banking model must collapse. The old guard who don’t know anything about technology must give way to us. The generation who are tired of BS.

  11. Louis Savoy Antiques get more valuable with time. It will be a mona lisa. You don’t use a mona lisa to buy coffee. But just because you can’t use it to make convenient small purchases it doesn’t mean it will lose out its value as it’s useability becomes obviously impractical in the future.

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