Major Coinbase Pro Announcement + The BITCOIN Pub – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about a big announcement from Coinbase Pro. He also talks about Sweden and its potential digital currency. This is a daily segment!
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Coinbase Pro Adds Improved Crypto Address Functionality

Coinbase Pro Twitter

Coinbase Pro adds new security and usability features

London Bar Dumps Cash and Switches to Bitcoin


FTSE 100

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Sweden Is Going Cashless So Quickly That Its Central Bank Is Speeding Up Plans for a National Digital Currency

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Major Coinbase Pro Announcement + The BITCOIN Pub – Today's Crypto News

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  1. I would really love to hear why people are so religious to XRP. Its bag holders waiting to dump on you. Jed Mccaleb owns 9 Billion XRP. Chris Larsen has 5.1Billions XRP. God knows how much Roger Verr has. Every token you buy makes them richer for no reason at all.
    Also, do you really think a token controlled by a private company will ever be adopted as legal tender? A decentralised coin has more luck at that if any. There is no value preposition xrp offers to everyday people like you. Why please tell me why. What is it that I cannot see

  2. By blurting out random coins. What you hoping to achieve. God I hate stupid people. You’re coin has KYC for fucks sake. But still uses ring signitures for God only knows what reason

  3. cash is nice to have as well dont think I ever want to go cashless. Yard sales or reselling stuff to neighbors etc…. Cash is always decentralized.

  4. Found value – Gave it a “Like” – Already subscribed! Keep up the good work! Love the content!!!

  5. +Novi Nov I’m trying to educate myself by asking the community. Because from what I’ve read and dug up, there’s no incentive to buy or hold XRP. it’s good to believe in something but there must be a good reason so many people believe in XRP. And I know many people can be wrong at the same time alao. Ask Bitconnect hodlers. I started this to learn something new, but what I’ve seen today is hope. Hope is driving this. Hope and a wrong understanding of how the Ripple model works. Hey, but we’re all here hoping in something so I’m not casting the first stone.

  6. Any xrp holder who answers the question you asked is always going to ignore the fact that Ripple (a few rich guys who printed a bunch of tokens and have printed tokens on multiple projects) owns the vast majority of the supply. The value is derived from moonboi bagholders being willing to pay x price. The holders are so delusional with moon eyes that they brainwash themselves into thinking an incredibly centralized non-mineable token will become the world reserve currency. Rambling sentences about meaningless partnerships, citing celebrity endorsements, and throwing around $589 is all you’re really gonna hear. Professional cryptographers all think ripple is a joke. It’s only supported by banksters and moonbois

  7. +Joseph Galia But never underestimate the Collective force of stupid. It doubled the price of a 10B MCap coin in a bear market to 0.8$. When moonboys band together in their numbers, even Dodgecoin could be $589 a coin. I learnt that when I saw XRP at 3 bucks and shut my mouth.

  8. +Rhonnie Allan arent you holding any coin on the same theory? Hoping that others buys so you get a better price. That is the market you are gambling in

  9. Lol cash is decentralized? It says right on the bill that its value is derived from “the full faith and credit in the U.S. government.” Sounds kinda central?

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