LOTTO – The Smart Contract Powered, Provably Fair Crypto Lottery


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LOTTO is a smart contract powered cryptocurrency lottery that runs automatically twice a week. All you have to do is simply hold the LOTTO tokens in your wallet, and the lottery will automatically take five tokens per week, put them in a pool, and distribute the winnings to one lucky winner.

BONUS: If you held any of the top 50 DeFi tokens, you may also be eligible for a FREE LOTTO airdrop. See the video for details, or follow the links to claim. #LOTTO #crypto #DeFi

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Claim LOTTO:
LOTTO Results Telegram:
Twitter: LottoFinance
Facebook: LOTTO
Reddit: r/LottoFinance

Etherscan: ERC20 Address: 0xb0dfd28d3cf7a5897c694904ace292539242f858

Uniswap (ETH-LOTTO Pair):


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LOTTO – The Smart Contract Powered, Provably Fair Crypto Lottery

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. what will happen when a person run out of LOTTO tokens? it wont subtract ETH or Stable-coin from your wallet?

  2. What if I have some of the qualifying tokens on Binance and Bittrex and coinbase? Am I out of luck?

  3. So your wallet bleed 10 tokens a week as long as you dont touch it. It’s an interesting idea, but that’s like sitting on a melting ice cube to me.

  4. The rich stay rich by investing and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the
    Rich but yet not investing like the rich

  5. You are not going to believe me, but I had this exact same idea for a concept like this a few months ago! This must be a sign to invest

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  9. so for each 5 LOTTO tokens taken out of my wallet twice a week, am I paying gas fees for each transaction ? if yes, then it costs LOT more then 20c per token !!!! its more like $2!!!

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  13. @Mark Chesler ok thats good, thanks. buying the, on uniswap is still very expensive though. fees along are 160 LOTTO tokens

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