Litecoin Pump, Bitcoin ATMs, Coinbase Staff Departures – Today’s Crypto News

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BTC ATM’s Manufacturer Has Finally Found Its Home

BTC ATM’s Manufacturer Has Finally Found Its Home

Lamassu Q&A

Charlie Lee Tweet

Litecoin Lightning Network Passes 100 Nodes. :zap:

Coinbase is Losing Staff. This Time to TrustToken

Coinbase is Losing Staff. This Time to TrustToken


Diar – The Digital Assets & Regulation Trade Publication

Altcoin Buzz Inflation Tweet

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Litecoin Pump, Bitcoin ATMs, Coinbase Staff Departures – Today's Crypto News


  1. Having a crate full of $16 an ounce silver is worth a heck of a lot more than a invisible coin that soon won’t be worth anything like on the day this bottle of magic air was created.

  2. +Louloe De’Palma Not quite…Gold is still being used as jewelry (worldwide) and also being hoarded by all countries as a hedge against their falling FIAT money system. But MUCH of Silver is being used up and tossed out DAILY. It’s only a matter of time when Silver equals Gold in accessible amount here on earth. Silver is used in industry everyday (computers, cell phones, solar panels, etc worldwide) while old technology (same items) are being tossed out, never to be reclaimed again.

  3. Lol I’ve been holding silver since 2012

    If I’d invested all the money in crypto in 2012 I’d be a millionaire by now

    So silver is not the greatest investment

  4. CONBASE hopefully will fizzle out this year as people wake up and stop taking there crap. Also Hitbtc!

  5. Populous PPT , FoodCoin FOOD and THETA token are the best crypto projects so far! FoodCoin Very Good. Slow (Biggest gains to come between 1 to 4 years). I can see this will be great. They are really seriously trying to do this. It’s just a matter of time and all challenges that go with it. They are going to do it and this makes me happy because there are also humanitarian/relief benefits too. Theta Very Good, Slow and steady for next 5 years. Over $1,000 in 4 Years. Over 4,000% increase in medium term (4 to 12 months) from when I announced it at 13 cents. So yes I believe that it will be over $5.00 in next 12 months (which is 4,000%). Theta isn’t something that’s going to be this super quick big pay right now. Theta is like the turtle…slowly but surely, it inches its way up. Theta is the one that I see further down the road that just blows up, and people didn’t see it coming. People that have it now or get it and hold on are going to be amazed. The people who just sit on it and wait are sitting on a goldmine. And it’s my favorite for the people because even those who do not have large disposable incomes or large sums of money to invest can still obtain a large enough amount to change their lives! 2019 – BUY MORE AND HODL!

  6. Altcoin Buzz please cover the fact that Coinbase is withholding Bitcoin SV from its Bitcoin Cash holders… this is very dirty of them! Buyers need to beware!!!

  7. Byzantium ain’t coming back anytime soon. So good luck with living in the past as we all head off into the future

  8. Theta and other crypto has its work cut out for it because of the tax system on these coins. Until the tax system changes, there is little future for crypto. Theta is at just under 5 cents right now, and there is little reason for it to go to 25 cents, let alone $5. $5 will not happen this year, or any year. Not 2019. Not 2025. Not ever.

  9. Apologies if this is not too good to be true (Use the like if you are interested) Thanks for letting me do this Altcoin buzz : @t

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