Kutcher, Hilton and Mayweather Get On Board ICO Madness !

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What is the effect of celebrity in the ICO space?

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Kutcher, Hilton and Mayweather Get On Board ICO Madness !


  1. Man, I love you and hate you in the same time! I was going to make the same video tomorrow! And you had the same idea as me, again! This time you were first :p

  2. Celebrity endorsement can backfire when using the face of a celebrity who is not recognised as a tech savvy investor eg Pris Hilton, Mayweather, etc. Ashton Kutcher on the other hand is in a league of his own, not to mention he is actually investing in UKG, unlike Paris and Mayweather. Putting his money where his mouth is! Awesome vid! Keep them coming!

  3. Sell everything. Sell your children. Go all in on celeb icos. The Kim K, big-butt block will definitely be a 2X. don’t even bother with the white paper. All the crayons and glitter will just dazzle your eyes. And who be anyone to doubt Floyd? All in baby. Lambos for everyone.

  4. Mark Cuban got lucky selling his business for way more than it was worth. He’s not done much since. Still going to buy 1000 of these, as they pump nicely from the initial. Mcafee has his ICO that I’ll most def back. The only thing I like about centra is they insure all your crypto. That’s huge. Tenx should do the same. Paragon looks strong.

  5. Great stuff dude! I was really wondering what in the heck is going on with all these “generic” celebrity endorsments.

  6. Paragon does look strong, and I agree about Centra they seem like they will be big competition for Tenx.

  7. Maybe do one on Chinese markets like Loopring, Bytom, etc……… Bytom in particular is seeing a lot of cash coming in over past few days. Market cap exploding.

  8. this is a geat Video again Lark , it shows serious investor,s whom actually like to invest into something of substance were not to invest , haha, those guys are a bunch of crock, also shows the power of social media , your Video,s help alot in plowing though the bad weeds for people and new people to the crypto thing like me also, excellent Talk again Mr Lark

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