Justin Sun vs Vitalik, Ethereum vs Bitcoin, Digitex Futures, Matrix AI Network – Crypto News

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Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin are at it again on Twitter. Mattie also takes a look at Ethereum ETH compared to Bitcoin BTC. He will also give you the latest from Digitex Futures, Matrix AI Network and their upcoming mainnet launch, as well as Opacity.
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Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Vitalik Buterin Compares Bitcoin and Ethereum: BTC is Like a Calculator, ETH is Like a Smartphone

How is Ethereum’s Blockchain different from Bitcoin’s Blockchain?

Vitalik Buterin vs Justin Sun #avocado

Vitalik Buterin vs Justin Sun. Round Number….Uhh, I lost Count

Digitex Futures to finally launch on 31st April #digitex

Digitex Futures Price Rises Following Exchange Launch Announcement

Matrix AI Network Launches Mainnet


#Opacity is Ready for the Future: Introducing Opacity 1.0

Opacity is Ready for the Future: Introducing Opacity 1.0

[Reference for Rebranding of Oyster Pearl] https://www.investinblockchain.com/oyster-protocol-revamp-hard-fork-opacity/
[FOUNDER Bruno Block EXIT-SCAM STORY] https://www.altcoinbuzz.io/crypto-news/spotlight/oyster-pearl-founder-performs-exit-scam/

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Justin Sun vs Vitalik, Ethereum vs Bitcoin, Digitex Futures, Matrix AI Network – Crypto News


  1. Justin Sun is a chiller and a scammer just look at the pump and dumps, he can’t code he just copy and paste other blockchain code no shame like CZ

  2. Timestamps:

    Vitalik Compares ETH and BTC – 0:52
    How ETH’s Blockchain is Different from BTC’s – 2:48
    Vitalik vs Justin Sun – 3:55
    Crypto Rally Seems Inevitable – 5:41
    Digitex Futures Price Rise – 7:52
    Matrix AI Network Mainnet Launch – 9:24
    Opacity Update – 10:55

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  4. They are both in there early stages and both will be very successful look how committed vitalik and even justin sun are in there space and bitcoin lightning network in a few years . We are very early buy anything in the top 20 or so in order . And hold for five years . Sell some to pay off house and take a trip . And keep working and accumulating . For the next couple years . Thanks ✌️

  5. Two teens (Sun/Vitalik) with huge egos who should’t be at the wheel of such huge projects but are. That is one reason I will never put one pennie on any of those two projects.

  6. Naaa, I don’t want to be rich and successful. Overrated. But if I ever change my mind, I’ll make sure I stay away from your crappy coin.

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  9. DGTX will be huge! They have over a million people on the waiting list. The dependence on DGTX for futures trading means high demand and limited supply = rising price.

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