JPM Coin Cannot Compete with XRP & Ripple’s Technology – Crypto News

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JP Morgan Chase recently announced their upcoming cryptocurrency, JPM. In this video, Mattie takes a look at JPM and Ripple XRP. Visit our website for more crypto and blockchain news –
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JPMorgan's Crypto Coin Puts Ripple's Relevance in Question
JPMorgan blockchain chief: Why we launched our own cryptocurrency

Ripple News – Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Criticizes JP Morgan’s Cryptocurrency

Nouriel Roubini says JP Morgan’s cryptocurrency JPM Coin is a joke; compares it to XRP

Craig Wright calls out JP Morgan on JPM Coin; claims he holds the patent for what JPM plans to do

JP Morgan’s ‘JPM Coin’ Under Heavy Fire From All Corners

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JPM Coin Cannot Compete with XRP & Ripple's Technology – Crypto News


  1. JP Morgan Coin Intro – 1:53
    Jamie Dimon Meme – 2:40
    JP Morgan vs Ripple – 3:51
    Why JP Morgan Launched the Coin – 5:28
    Nouriel Roubini on JPM Coin – 5:56
    JPM Coin under Heavy Fire – 9:14
    Ripple CEO on JPM Coin – 10:02
    Ripple Praise – 11:46
    Craig Wright on JPM Coin -13:12

  2. Just coming back after a year or so away from crypto, happy to see this channel still going strong.

    I do miss Jeff’s voice though!

  3. Take a screenshot of my message! The Telegram-token will go up in price by 100 times till 2019! This best ICO of the year

  4. +UHD Gaming PC You are definitely bi-polar dude. Go get checked!! One day you praise XRP and another you trash it. Do you think you can have an effect on the XRP price when you trash it and buy it at lower price? You = loco son.

  5. You’re so right. Don’t listen to Wall Street. Follow the money. And tell me what companies the economist has built? These same nay-sayers said the internet was over hyped. Academics NEVER change the world for the better. It’s the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the engineers, the risk takers that change the world.

  6. The Telegram-token will make X50-x100! I advise all of you to buy it while the going is good

  7. XRP would never be a success with banks unless it became a stable coin. That’s the end of it! JPM coin is just a type of tether. All banks will eventually create their own coins but of course they will be completely stable. In my opinion they will most likely consider ADA as the Blockchain of choice but creating their own coins on the network. My opinion! Thoughts anyone??

  8. Dear JP Morgan … when it comes to CSW patent claim; just run the patent through a plagiarism checker, cause for sure 80% of CSW’s patent will have been copied from other patents and academic papers.

  9. What cant a well established company not influence or accomplish with billions of billions of dollars.. Hmmm. Thats right! Sorry xrp fans

  10. “if you can’t beat them join them” is what’s going on right now…. it establish ‘crypto’ in general but here comes the corparate cryptos. There will be more….

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