Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin? 2018 The Year of Bitcoin?

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In my opinion it is not too late to buy Bitcoin even at these prices over $5500 here in middle of October 2017. In this video I go into my reasons why. 2018 will be yet another year for Bitcoin?

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Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin? 2018 The Year of Bitcoin?


  1. I got it at the highest point, but didn’t sell when it went down like 15% because I am looking more like 5 year plan for this thing. I am glad I did not panic and sold it. I am just learning the resiliency.

  2. finally Bitcoin is now in $11k as expected this December 2017 😀 good thing i already have 10 bitcoins sweet

  3. Don’t hesitate- buy now or get left in the dust. The price right now seems large but it’s going to be small a week from now.

  4. Buy here: . If you use that link and buy at least $100 in BTC you will get $10 USD worth of BTC for free. Believe me, you will want to buy at least that much. Anything less is way too conservative and if you can’t afford that maybe crypto isn’t right for you. Do some research ,as you may want to invest in other cryptocurrencies, but BTC is the best to buy right now and it’s not likely going to get lower than $15k (it’s at almost 15,700 at this moment) and it will surely go up. I estimate it will be at least $20k no later than mid Feb. 2018. If you get into other cryptos, be sure to diversify and buy ERC-20 tokens, mostly in the top 20 (by mkt cap). Get yourself a wallet. Or better yet, use Coinbase and move to your vault after purchase for security. That’s the best, easiest to use for newbies. You will need a different wallet if you buy other cryptos besides what Coinbase sells (BTC, ETH, LTC). Best of luck to you and happy e-coining! Feel free to ask others anytime. There’s a lot of people with experience and knowledge willing to help. Try Steemit and Reddit for good forums.

  5. Altcoin Buzz Great vid bro.Im just learning about Bitcoin now so ur help and advice be appreciated.I just opened an account or wallet with bitpanda are all wallet the same and if i bout 100 euro worth of bitcoin at todays price think its 14000 and if in febuary 18 it went up to 27000 how much could i sell it for cash and can i transfer that cash into my bank account.Ty

  6. Ring Of Fire most people don’t have $19k (price right now) enough to invest in something they are scared too. Heck most people still owe $300k+ for their homes.

  7. I wish I would’ve held mine. I had maybe 5-6 bitcoins I sold off at $5500-$6800 :- Oh well. I have bought back in at 15k and bought some LTC at $210.. It is never too late 🙂

  8. CDS…PLEASE do NOT read these two replies until 2020 and then choose the one most applicable:
    Reply #1: Wow Bro! …You are truly a financial genius with incredible foresight. You are now RICH with BTC trading at 100K “AS EXPECTED”!
    Reply #2: I’m sorry Bro! …If only you had sold when BTC still had any value at all and used the money to buy actual assets instead of betting on an imaginary one and having it drop back down to near zero “AS EXPECTED”!
    ….Seriously CDS, I wish you luck with whatever you do… but using the term “AS EXPECTED” regarding future values of Bitcoin/cryptos is just plain silly! (to put it nicely)

  9. Very possible that we won’t …it could go straight to 100K+. —- However, BTC could also trade down to near zero SO FREAKIN FAST with the “BID” just disappearing that we won’t really see $5000 on the way down either. Good luck, but just don’t forget that …and maybe take some profits off the table if you are fortunate to make any while speculating on this incredibly volitile “currency/asset” that nobody truly knows the value of.

  10. the most important thing now is not to sell while the price falls,because eventually it is going to go up again,because there is huge demand for it

  11. The time to get in BTC again might be just now. June 2018 ( alway when the bad news leads )

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