Is BITCOIN Price Stalling, What NEXT? Manage CRYPTO Portfolio – BTC Technical Analysis

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Are there concerning signs on the Bitcoin chart indicating that a pullback may be coming? Mark will walk us through what he’s seeing on the charts for the short term.

He’ll also have a “bonus” feature at the end to show you how to set up Hodlbot step-by-step if you want to set up a portfolio that automatically rebalances for you.

Mark is an active trader on the ACB team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose. He also suggests listening & looking at many different perspectives to formulate an opinion.
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Is BITCOIN Price Stalling, What NEXT? Manage CRYPTO Portfolio – BTC Technical Analysis


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  2. You do realise the tax implications of all those trades in a portfolio rebalancing bot are going to be horrific??

  3. You can just use something like coin tracking to automate taxes. Exports CSV from binance

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