IoT Chain ITC Review – Better than IOTA ?

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IoT Chain is a project aimed at machine to machine communication but also seeks to give you ownership of your data. All of this brought to you via their hybrid DAG.

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IoT Chain ITC Review – Better than IOTA ?


  1. Hello Lark, just a small correction, IOTA has its own hardware its called JINN and its a start-up founded in 2014 currently in stealth mode, IOTA was born as a networking solution for the JiNN chips witch are said to come out by end of the year

  2. Hugely undervalued, it was at 9.15 in early Jan, these guys are ahead of schedule and have a unique combination of blockchain and DAG.

  3. Hey Crypto Lark, would like to hear your thoughts on Komodo, what do you think of atomic swaps and do you think they can compete with Ethereum? Keep up the good work.

  4. I’ve yet to see another idea split the community more than what I.O.T does. Some say its revolutionary, and others say its bordering on delusional and simply not feasible for many reasons with security issues being the largest.

    I am not talking about this project but the whole I.O.T idea as a whole.

  5. Should do a follow up video one of these days – I made a review some months ago though

  6. great review, #noshavetill20k “crypto Lark Nation” I like IoT got a small bag 😉

  7. IOTA market cap is $3B. IOT market cap is $65M. Lots of room to grow! GVE is a big investor as well. Really like IOT.
    IOT tech will definitely have a big impact on the future.

  8. Great Video Lark, but why do you pinn iota, while shilling itc? That makes little sense. You basically titled your video “Better than IOTA ? ” Otherwise sober & unbiased observation. Keep up your work.

  9. makes sense. but its not what i meant.. Its just weird to give the appearence of promoting iota’s jinn processor lol.. im sure its not meant in purpose, it’s just weird.

  10. I’ve invested in IoT Chain. Should check out CP-Chain too + who they are partnering with. 😉

  11. Now is not a bad time to buy? Stick to the analysis. Advising buying times is fraught lol.

  12. Doing research in January 2019 on 5G, Ai and Blockchain…and this is one project I need to do more research on. Looks interesting. I might be watching some of your older uploads again Lark…👍

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