Identify a Solid Cryptocurrency Investment Project = Dragonchain Coin


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With a lot of riff raff out there in some of these blockchain projects building a cryptocurrency it is important to point out that, as an investor you should invest the majority of your money into strong projects executing on their roadmap and clearly detailing what their white paper says. If you choose to gamble on a position it should not be anymore than 10 percent of your portfolio in total. This is not professional financial advice but it is my opinion.

Identify a Solid Cryptocurrency Investment Project = Dragonchain Coin

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. come on guys lets get more likes on these videos. Jeff and the team is dropping quality content. Give him a like, or a dislike, let them know how you feel about the video

  2. Hey Blockchain J I appreciate your videos. I follow your videos because out of everything you have said, you actually do listen to all of us and for that I appreciate it. My investments are all down and I will continue to HODL because I know this is not the end of cryptocurrencys just the beginning. I look forward to the future. Keep the videos coming they are great encouragement for us.

  3. All my coins are in the shitter… I’ll hold and go do something else for a few days. Time to take my dogs for a hike.

  4. Congrats on dragonchain. Is it too late to get invested in it do you think? I was considering getting in for a few hundred or something?

  5. What people don’t realize is that many if not all of the large exchanges haven’t kept up with the demand in NEW investors looking to register. This is why we have been stagnant in the overall market-cap. Now this is PRIME for whales to do whatever they want as no new money is flowing in thus they are able to control the fluctuation in volume, thus manipulating as they choose.

  6. Yesss! DRAGONCHAIN will be the US go to platform, it’s ridiculous how much potential this coin has and defines what a ready product is all about. They finish ICO, and already after a couple of months have ICOs being built on it – while hyped up no product coins like Cardano or EOS get market caps like that. Silly! Best coins that will go way ahead in 2018 is definitely DRAGONCHAIN, WANCHAIN, SIMPLE TOKEN, ICON, LISK, IOTA!!!!!!!! Enjoy.

  7. Back at the end of September I think, I looked at NEO but wasn’t all convinced that it would raise any higher so I bought only 2 for 25$ each… I forgot about does 2 NEO completely and right now I’m very happy I forgot about it. So yeah I agree with you, do your research, buy and hodl. 🙂 I’m just having a hard time finding another coin like NEO… I’ve been holding my eye out for Dragon Chain, VeChain, Deep Onion, and Enigma. So thanks for doing a review on Dragon Chain perhaps this could be my NEO again 🙂 PS! perhaps you could take a look at Deep Onion too… They have whitepaper out and as your true follower for some time, I would like to see what you have to say about that one 🙂

  8. It’s wild that we live in a time where a company could be worth close to a billion, and people need to be concerned about whether they’re even real and working. Interesting times indeed.

  9. Michael Gong this is what im talking about. You say we need more people to bring more money in right now so the capitalization goes up on these fairy dust coins. However what we really need is for every project coin out here to come to fruition and have a maketable function that people will pay money to use therefore bringing in money from customers that pay for there product and find the product valuable to there bottom line. Then the value of these coins go up legitamately and is sustainable on there own accord. Without needing new investers daily to see growth.

  10. Bought my dragons at .33 cents and holding for long run. This will be a 30 dollar coin in 2018 easy.

  11. (KEY) SelfKey on Kukoin. 20 million mkt cap. Replaces MEW for new ICO coins. Pretty cool stuff.

  12. I was going to as well but then I found out it was only on ether delta then I was like fuk it

  13. DRGN also has 1200 incubators, most in any platform. It has large projects coming in 2018. They are setting themselves up for big things. Watch and see.

  14. Ace Stojevski..Big year for NEO. NEM is undervalued, and look into HPB..WOW! HPB is available on Bibox.

  15. Finally covering an actual 100% legit coin with 100% utility. DragonChain has a real possibility to hit the top 10.

  16. Not really, the blockchain & the tangle can co-exist, IOTA is currently targeting more the IoT space (for now – they have something special in the works) & Dragonchain is allowing ICOs to be built on it – pushing a tokenised economy. Just remember, once blockchain gets mass adopted (and it will), the world will need multiple top platforms doing their thing offering something different to a plethora of target project scopes.

  17. Corey Schuemann let’s say nobody new was allowed to invest in stocks. iPhones are great but what do you think will happen to your share of apple you were holding? Now let’s take snovio for example. They are a lead generation platform, and are in use by some bigger companies at the moment. They have real value, but if nobody new is able to invest in their crypto, they will never get a chance to make a name for themselves. Not saying that a lack of new investors is the cause of the recent crypto correction, but rather showing how some companies on the blockchain are, in reality, not so different from investing in a company through more traditional means.

  18. No company in the cryptoworld is actually worth that much. Every single coin is massively overvalued. It’s all just hype atm. Barely any company in the field has an actual working product that is applicable to the real world.

  19. seth avans apple is a great stock that went up because it produced a great product thay everybody wanted to buy. Not because it has great investers.

  20. Yeah I would recommend for a long term hold, it already hit $5 once it will probably be a $10-$12 coin once it hits the major exchanges.

  21. I got in at 74 cents. Bought more at $2.50. Probably buying more soon if the market keeps dipping.

  22. Without the investors it doesn’t matter how great the product is, the stock would fail. The matter in question isn’t why people invested into apple in the first place, but rather comparing the similarities between the way stocks, and cryptos function, to show that both stocks, and cryptos require money from investors to grow irregardless of the product or service offered. While many cryptos are completely undeserving of the attention received, there are others that offer perfectly legitimate services that people would be interested in.

  23. seth avans most companys are great companies way before investers get involved. Investers help companies grow after a proven concept, goods or services. Most altcoins have just a concept without a product, goods or services. They all need to get busy soon to get there products out and new investers will come and early investers will be happy.

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