ICON Main Net 3.0 LAUNCH! + Elon Musk vs Twitter Bots – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about ICON's mainnet launch as well as news about MyEtherWallet being targeted by hackers. He also talks about Elon Musk. This is a daily segment!
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ICON’s Main Net 3.0 Is Live!

ICON – “Hyperconnect the World”

ICON MainNet Version 3.0 Updated

Elon Musk Asks Dogecoin Creator to Help Fight Crypto Scam Bots on Twitter

Elon on Twitter

MyEtherwallet Neutralizes 40 Hacking Attacks a Week


This Ethereum Wallet is Targeted by More Attackers than Fortune 500 Banks


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ICON Main Net 3.0 LAUNCH! + Elon Musk vs Twitter Bots – Today's Crypto News

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Interesting news Mattie, thanks.
    P.S there actually is a bit of a vibe over here in Uganda about crypto. Just found out Binance launched an exchange for Uganda and has fiat pair with the Ugandan shilling. This is huge for us!

  2. ICON is absolutely crushing it development wise. It’s also poised to literally start taking over Korea’s political system and other facets of their society. ICON is the real deal, the only coin that is actually getting setup to make real, wide sweeping changes to a society. The price is down because the crypto markets are just pretty much dumb right now. The value of ICX will be realized soon and it will absolutely go on a rampage in price.

  3. Hey I have to admit I really don’t like your adding an actor onto your group of contributors…captain crypto seems to lower the bar of your channels integrity in a big way…just my opinion

  4. Greetings to all of you I am an African young man and I live in very difficult circumstances in my country, which was devastated by the war in our country, we live on less than one dollar a day and I support my family and sometimes we do not even find what we eat I knew the area of electronic currency through the net but I am very poor I could not start trading
    Some people did not impress me with a little help
    I am very sorry that in my life I did not expect to get to ask for help, but my condition is so high and thank you



  5. Icon is how the banks and elite plan on taking over all cryptocurrencies. They are disguising it as a ‘republic’ with a constitution to make it acceptable to the decentralized crowd. According to the yellow paper, “All ICONists, including the representatives, shall carry out and abide by the approved resolutions in good faith. Under the duty of implementation, all ICONists are obliged to carry out and abide by the resolutions passed by the representatives. If the representatives and the ICONists fail to do so, there is no way to force implementation directly upon the resolutions unless the results of decision-making are immediately reflected in the ICON Network’s contract. However, representatives may vote on a particular disciplinary action to an ICONist for violating constitutional obligations and may subject such ICONist to disciplinary actions. Similarly, if a representative contravenes or refuses to comply with the resolutions under this Constitution it can be subject to a disciplinary action. Depending on the severity, the representative may even be removed.” Doing things in good faith defeats the purpose, if you control majority c-reps you can do whatever you want and majority of c-reps will refuse to take action for their communities. Sorta like modern day American politics, the difference being, the founding fathers of America realized this could possibly happen so they didnt have just one branch of governance, they made 3 thinking it would be extremely difficult to take over all 3 (it took 250 years for the elite to do it, but they eventually almost did it, they currently control 2 1/2 branches which woulda been 3 had good ole President Tweet), they also realized that the 3 branches might eventually be taken over as well so arming the populace was the answer to keep the 3 branches in ‘good faith’. ICON is a constitutional republic with no 2nd amendment, if c-reps are taken over and no manner of vote enforcement is in place, its taken over forever. If they take over America ‘c-reps’ (representatives and senate), take over the judicial branch, and take over the enforcement branch (presidential), and begin refusing to uphold the constitution or law, the people can get their guns and kill them all and take it back…Even without that last resort America also has 2 other branches of government to help enforce the policies, so it has 3 branches, and a last resort kill switch through 2nd amendment to keep the branches honest, Icon has 1 branch and no killswitch to keep the branch honest. It will undoubtedly be taken over by a central actor, in fact it would be inevitable.

  6. So people who can’t read? (1st line of the whitepaper)

    The vision of the ICON Project is to introduce the new era of decentralization by redefining the meaning of communities and creating a new world by connecting such communities.

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