Huge Neo Partnership and more Cryptocurrency News!

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India’s Supreme Court decides: ‘Ban on Crypto Services Stays, For Now.’

Ukraine Looking To Legalize Cryptocurrencies


Ukraine Securities Chairman Wants To Legalize ‘Several’ Cryptocurrencies

NEO Teams up With Venture Firms and Developers to Create .neo Wallet Adresses

NNS announce strategic partnerships with Fenbushi Capital and NGC

Neo (NEO) Global Capital, Partners With Fenbushi Capital To Expand The Neo Ecosystem

Neo (NEO) Global Capital, Partners with Fenbushi Capital To Expand the Neo Ecosystem

Social Send Update on Twitter

Social Send Card Integration Progress

Social Send web site

Internxt Update on Twitter

Internxt web site

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Huge Neo Partnership and more Cryptocurrency News!


  1. Great news about neo, and also Social Send team is working great, they are really active

  2. I’m about to buy NEO once I get home. I have a good feeling about that project.

  3. The Indian government is so corrupt and stupid. If the Indian people want to buy cryptocurrency all they will need to do is make a visa or MasterCard prepaid account really easy. These governments will not be allowed to stop this revolution. No more of the top 1 percent have more than 90% of all money. Its too unbalanced

  4. I seriously believe Neo price is severely undervalued and expecting the price to run wild. That’s my opinion anyway.

  5. Love Social SEND coin! great platform they put out to send crypto to anyone on social platforms!

  6. SOCIALSEND is hidden gem.. platform with many features.. card integration and Fiat gateaway many more things..

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