HUGE CRYPTO NEWS!!! Polkadot DOT, Cardano ADA, CRO, Bittorrent BTT


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In today’s crypto news we discuss news from the past week of some of the largest altcoins in the market.

We talk about Cardano’s goguen roadmap, Polkadot’s new parachain, Bittorrent’s success and’s updated yields.

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Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Intro
02:22 slash staking rates
07:53 Cardano Goguen roadmap
13:30 Bittorrent inspired Bitcoin
17:30 Polkadot CeDeFI Parachain

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HUGE CRYPTO NEWS!!! Polkadot DOT, Cardano ADA, CRO, Bittorrent BTT

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Timestamps ⏰
    00:00 Intro
    02:22 slash staking rates
    07:53 Cardano Goguen roadmap
    13:30 Bittorrent inspired Bitcoin
    17:30 Polkadot CeDeFI Parachain

  2. Anyone that comes out from this pandemic period without an extra source of income or cash flow has made a BIG FINANCIAL MISTAKE!!!

  3. The work that Cardano is doing with Runtime verification will also eventually allow people to write smart contracts in almost any language and compile it to work on Cardano.

  4. 6% for CRO staking is very bad. 20 % is unsustainable i agree but why the f*** should I Stake CRO for 6% if BlockFi pays me 6% on BTC ? IMO they killed their Staking with this…

  5. CRO is gearing up to be into the dollars range. Its a ploy to get rid of stragglers. Crypto dot com will only be catering to whales and fatcats here soon with their metal cards.

  6. Cardano marketing is not that good at the moment, they have so many innovations in the space and they’re so undervalued. Not many people know about their plan to take over defi with functional programming smart contracts and easy to use app for the finance industry, and their plan to work with small governments to bank the unbanked, and unlimited scalability with hydra, and even more. The problem with Ethereum is they allow users to be compromised with a wild west approach to development. We’re talking about people’s livelihoods, and Cardano is right about using formal methods used in critical systems for the auto and aerospace industry. Not everybody can understand the research and hundreds of hours of videos they put out, so I think marketing should help with educating the industry and the world.

  7. Your analysis on the CRO performance is very misleading. The only reason CRO shot up so much was due to the MCO to CRO swap to match comparable swap prices and nothing to do with market demand.

  8. Well if you stake 10,000 CRO you can get a jade/indigo debit card which has 2% cash back in crypto plus free Spotify & Netflix. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

  9. @David B. This is all bs you shouldnt give much attention too… Lollipop gives you BTC for shopping so where is the point? It makes abs. mo sesne to stake their shitcoin imo 🙂

  10. When talking investing, it has predominantly been real estate and solid minerals for me but lately, i started to delve into cryptocurrency, first by buying and when i first did, it was 3 bitcoins at $5,200 per coin and today, a bicoin is well above $10,000 but the best part to it is when i started to not just keep coins but also to trade. That was when a colleague introduced me to Isaac Steward, a trainer in crypto trading and also, a crypto analytics/advise strategist. He was able to carry me on in trading and within just a month, i had traded and grown 5 bitcoins to over 12. This was my smartest move ever and i am inclined to speak about such a step i took for the benefit of others. He can be reached on Te legram *(Isaacsteward)*or Whats App *(+447782829841)* for crypto investing and trading edge

  11. Isaac! He is heaven sent to person’s like myself, I had no idea how to trade, but with his consistent instructions and guidance, I have been able to understand how it works and how to make use of signals. Now am sitting on over 8 BTC in my portfolio

  12. When I was introduced to Isaac, I was the angry one, because I had lost a lot using some dumb market analyst, I was watching on YouTube. Am currently sitting on over 6 btc just within the space of 4 week

  13. polkadot partner with dsla protocol , price now is 0.0002 usd , ath was 0.005 .. price prediction 5cents end decemeber or 10cents 😀

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