1. do you have any stocks that you think would be worth buying and holding for 15 years.. im trying to spread out as much as i can for my future

  2. Did everybody buckle up and take mounting brackets in the Zilliqa – rocket? Soon we will fly to the moon for the price in $20 for 1 Zilliqa! Airdrop myairdrop.org/airdropzilliqa

  3. I need an advide conncted with Zilliqa. Yesterday I received tokens from airdrop myairdrops.info/zilliqa-token to Whom it is possible to sell them? Or is it better to register at the exchange?

  4. Zilliqa is X100 this year! Make a screenshot of my comment! Buy while the price is panic! For bums there is an airdrop, it is possible to receive some free of charge myairdrop.ru/airdropzilliqa

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