How Much Bitcoin do you Need to Buy to Make Money in 2020?

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How much bitcoin do you really need to buy in order to make money? In this video, we’ll examine just that! Buying bitcoin isn’t as simple as some people think, and your results will vary depending on how you use your initial budget. Let’s take a closer look!

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Investing is risky. Only invest money that you are willing to lose, and always consult a wealth management professional before investing anything. Buying bitcoin is an especially risky investment, and buying using leverage is riskier still! Always invest cautiously and only invest what you are able to lose.

This video reflects my opinion only; numbers are approximate and may become inaccurate as time passes. This video is in no way advice, or investing advice.

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How Much Bitcoin do you Need to Buy to Make Money in 2020?


  1. I’m sure we’ll see a major breakout eventually, surprising everyone around the world. Remember, there’s only 3 million BTC left to mine, and by May 2020, the remaining BTC will take a LOT of time to mine. At the same time, I believe DEX projects will start to dominate as people care more and more about their privacy. The best DEX out there is Blocknet, which I’m accumulating like a madman right now and so many people would live to regret not having accumulated enough while it’s still affordable. In my own position, I think anybody serious about bitcoins should not hold less than 20 (I am at 14 already) if the goal is to be a millionaire in the short term. Suffice to say, the quickest way to accumulate is by buying but the safest and quickest way to accumulate on a budget which is where most of us stand is by trading. I grew my 14btc by trading from 6btc because I was smart enough to use the services of a professional. BENJAMIN TRADING ((BENJAMINJACKSONTV@GMAIL COM)) or TELEGRAM @BENJAMINJACKSON is a trader who provides trade patterns and signals for other traders and I got to know of him through my colleague and with his assistance, I was able to grow my portfolio. There are a few others who provide similar services but I think form my personal experience that BENJAMIN is mostly likely the one with the most accurate signals in the crypto space.

  2. You are very right buddy. I really believe bitcoin would rise to an all time high before the year runs out. Still very ok to fall in to great trades and make more money moves!

  3. You can only agree a strategy worked when you made profit to your blockchain wallet or coinbase. Which i made in four days with Ben’s Signal

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