How High Can Ethereum Price GO? $500 Ethereum?

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Ethereum price is getting ready for a bull run. We will see just how high Ethereum can go after it passes the $390.

How High Can Ethereum Price GO? $500 Ethereum?


  1. Ether will rise for sure but I believe it’ll head back to support on the 200ema before it’s run up. Retested a couple times already.

  2. Buy ETH while it’s affordable. It’s the industry’s best “sleeper.” People who held onto their ETH will be glad they did. Institutional money with derivatives have been set in motion. Coming.

  3. I think there is no point investing in expensive cryptos as you will never get rich from your investment imagine you invest 3500 in 10 ethereum cind and lets say they grow from 350 to 1000 all you earn is 6.500 which is nothing – there are much better ways to invest in crypto – no obuse just saying 🙂 just need to search for low amount cheap coins like feathercoin for example etc. where you can by lots of them cheap and when they go up earn big 🙂

  4. Brian Schouten Euthereum has one of the most brilliant developer in crypto currency behind it: Vitalik. So many promising crypto and ico are under Eth belt and Vitalik his their advisor. Yes Eth took a lot of hit this year in which you could google but i expect a huge bounce back early 2018 and yes this is the coin who went from 9$ non-stop to over 300 $ and it could do it again.

  5. Hi, cool videos. I have a question, what is the app on your browser (top right) monitoring the prices of the coins? thank you

  6. retest $260? i doubt it, only major FUD news could do that, since ETH was inside an equilibrium pattern since like June and the most recent $275 was the higher low and breaking $350 got it out of that pattern. its gonna get to $390 here pretty soon maybe a few weeks.

  7. New to all this, I’ve been lookin at Chancoin. The coin count is pretty low and looks like a steal, thoughts?

  8. Think of ethereum as bitcoin.. would you not like to have an extra 10 btc at 8000usd? Eth will be there in a year easily.

  9. Also, Ethereum have, unlike BTC, a real world application with it’s Blockchain contracts and all that. Everytime someone, organisation or individual uses blockchain, they pay a small fee in ETH. So ETH have the best of two things, being a currency and a tech that all companies and individuals can use. The more people starting to use blockchain, the more value ETH will have. I think ETH will have much higher value in 3-5 years as more and more starting to pay attention to Blockchain and crypto.

    BTC was worth 100 USD not long ago…and ETH was worth less than 1 USD in 2017…just saying.

  10. Brian Schouten – Sure. Im honestly not super knowledgeable in crypto so Im prob not the best person to talk to but I can try to answer a couple of questions.

  11. Lisa Van den Akker It’s not your pic. It’s Maria Doroshina.
    Anyway, I’ve converted the drawing of my mum into a two-way smart contract on the central ledger, so it should be appearing down the back of your blockchain soon.

    PS I’m asking for your attention because I assume you are an insecure guy or girl who might enjoy some light conversation.

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  13. all of those has high supply, that means they will have to get a big volume of USD to gain value, I preffer to invest in cheap coins with small volume and great technology such Neblio

  14. Lisk and neo are not erc20 tokens and are not built on ethereum. Those two have their own blockchain and are direct competitors to ethereum.

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