How Bakkt Affects Bitcoin Price, Litecoin LTC and Ripple XRP Updates – Crypto News

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How might Bakkt affect the price of Bitcoin BTC? What's going on with Litecoin LTC and Ripple XRP? These are some of today's topics covered by Mattie.
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Bakkt: How will it affect Bitcoin Price?

Bakkt: How will it affect Bitcoin Price? BTC to the moon?

#Litecoin ’s Mission to Become the Perfect Form of Money

Ripple XRP: Coil’s new video streaming platform Cinnamon integrates with ILP

Coil – Another bright future for XRP! from Ripple

Iran’s National Cryptocurrency Could be Based on the Stellar Lumens XLM Network

Get Cashback for CoinGecko KyberWidget WBTC Token Swap

Get Cashback for CoinGecko KyberWidget WBTC Token Swap

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How Bakkt Affects Bitcoin Price, Litecoin LTC and Ripple XRP Updates – Crypto News


  1. How Bakkt will Affect Bitcoin – 0:52
    Litecoin’s Mission to Become the Perfect form of Money – 2:49
    Ripple News: 8:45
    Iran’s National Cryptocurrency – 9:49
    Coingecko News – 11:46

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  4. Yeah had such a good voice talked about shitcoins and the moon very inspirational. Hope he comes back next bull run.

  5. +Iz kay Nah Mattie is so much better. Actual news, doesn’t prance about with wishy washy platitudes like ‘Mmmm…I like Electroneum right now’. Jeff was all about his bags. You never noticed?

  6. This is still his channel and he is involved with Altcoin Buzz. He is just not making many videos.

  7. @matty, if quantum computing were to come to fruition, and secondly were to be used maliciously. The first target would NOT be Crypto, it would be large banks and Institutions for trillions of dollars, (as banks also use similar layers of encryption). . . . so the $186B crypto market is WWAAAYYY downstream from where quantum hackers would target.

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