Horizon State – Empowering Communities Around the World

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Jamie Skella from Horizon State and I discuss their recent partnerships in Indonesia, blockchain for social impact, Entreprise Ethereum Alliance, the new CEO, and much more!

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Horizon State – Empowering Communities Around the World


  1. The NU is the largest independent Islamic organization in the world, this is a massive achievement for Horizon State

  2. Great vid as always Lark. Sounds very interesting will be looking more into this. 👍🏻🔥🚀

  3. Just FYI. I voted against Brexit and work mainly with Europeans from Italy, Spain, France, Hungary and Poland. Many are my friends, in fact I have only a few true brits that I meet regularly (I’m in London, and tbh it is a very European city, most are of mixed heritage and many multilingual).
    However, if you step out of London, the impression I get is most see Brexit as a partial success and are quite happy to see it continue. In fact there are now many converts to their cause, this is due to the fact that many of the negatives that had been predicted have either not happened or we are already recovering from them.
    The only clear negative is the likely impact the the city, but to most Brits, this is a London issue and not relevant to them.

  4. Great interview Lark! This might be the most undervalued project in the entire cryptoverse at the moment!

  5. wow you look like you have to contain your realization of the scope of this and amazement lark! 😀 it is very amazing news!

  6. This is a great project & a great opportunity for investers as not many coins, not on many exchanges at all but it will be, low market cap with a great chap behind the project. No brainer.

  7. HST is one of the hidden gems left in crypto been holding it since nov and not planning to sell for the next years 🙂

  8. Look at Modern Finance Chain mfchain.com
    Heaps of potential: ICO Platform / Utrust killer / Masternode / WanchainFusion Rival? etc etc

  9. You bring so many interesting projects Mr Davis your more than just a dude on the internet

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