Hope for Bitcoin? | Terra Luna UST Chaos | Polygon Meta NFTs


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Polkadex Wins Parachain Auction 16

SolanaPrime is a Gateway to the Next Wave of Web3 Projects

0:00 Bitcoin and Crypto Market Bloodbath
4:14 El Salvador and Australia buy the BTC dip
5:22 Terra LUNA Stablecoin UST failure
8:14 ThorWallet DEX and MEXC
9:22 Polygon MATIC Meta NFT web 3.0
10:19 Polkadot Parachain Auction Slot 16
11:16 Binance Halts LUNA and UST withdrawals
11:48 Binance News
12:20 Solana PRIME web 3
Tron TRX Pump
Quick Updates: ADA Cardano, Fantom FTM, KuCoin, Elrond EGLD, ECIO, Enjinstarter

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Hope for Bitcoin? | Terra Luna UST Chaos | Polygon Meta NFTs

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


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