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Holochain (not blockchain) wants to shake up the way we think about distributed tech by putting you in the driver seat, an innovative combination of existing tech is aimed at delivering high user user control and massive through put potential.

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HoloChain Review – HOT Tech


  1. I always take a chance with new tech! If it flops then oh well but what if’s it’s a hit? Then your ahead of the game😋

  2. thankyou for explaining holochain. your so good at this. been hearing so much about holochain lately

  3. Creating a blockchain over a Holochain. Does this create a Holoblock? A “holodeck” for chains? Stay tuned for the next episode of Lark Trek!

  4. Ethereum genesis wallet invested heavily into Holo ico. Good chance ETH solves their scaling problems running on Holo. But dyor guys. 🧐

  5. Great review Lark! Your information was very accurate. Guys Holochain is a very huge project, check it out

  6. Great review lark, watch this space, if holochain is successful I think we are looking at a top 5 crypto next year.

  7. IDEX video! 😛

    I think this would be a great change of pace and relevant to many. Also anything that can bring new players to idex and therefore more liquidity is a great thing.

  8. Holo chain is going to be the biggest thing to date, if only people could wrap their head around what it will do and what people can do with it. Guys dyor… you won’t regret it.

  9. It’s probably super early days for this one. It might be years before it gets traction…or sooner. You never know. Price is low though. Get a bag full for just a few bucks.

  10. hi there just wanted to know what ethereum genesis wallet has to do with the coin ethereum or vitalik buterin? and why would they invest so heavily into holo ICO? and if vitalik buterin has knowingly invested in holo then perhaps it says alot of what holo is!

  11. Hi Sam. I have been wondering about this as well but haven’t been able to find much info on it and haven’t read the etherium whitepaper. The platform is called Etherium and the coin is called Ether. As I understand it an eth. genesis wallet is one of the original wallets ‘holding’ the genesis block on a block chain. But I am not sure if are we talking about a handful of genesis wallets owned by a small group of etherium core developers (pre-ICO-style), or if we are talking about all the wallets that participated in the etherium ICO. Either way, the three genesis wallets that participated in the holo ICO could be in the hands of more than a few. And I don’t see any matter pointing to specific people. But please correct me or let me know if you know otherwise. It’s quite a jungle of knowledge out there…

  12. I believe the developers and probably initial founders of ethereum project, those geniuses may have invested into holochain also, they anticipate something very big coming from this project which is why i am loading up now also

  13. Yep if they pull it off it will be bigger than bitcoin. Nothing less than reinventing the internet. Team seems very legit.

  14. Accumulating BTC since 2012… Just bought 100,000,000 HOT… This WILL 1000x by 2020!

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