High Risk High Reward Altcoins – Low Market Cap Cryptocurrency

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These Cryptocurrencies are not intended for inexperienced investors. These are high risk high reward cryptocurrency that carry with them a lot of volatility making them, interesting investments . If you go through these pick your favorite ones.

High Risk High Reward Altcoins – Low Market Cap Cryptocurrency


  1. Hello Jeff and Buzz coin team. I was going to say this on the other video but there were just too many comments. You are all doing us a huge service in providing us with great content for new end up coming coins. Jeff and team are definitely not the pump and dump type. I traded stocks before and I know what a pump-and-dump is when I see it this is not what they are doing. That being said I really and I probably speak for all of most of us that without your team I would not be profiting. from cryptocurrency on my own.
    Please continue with your excellent
    PS. The reason why I follow your videos is so that I can be notified of new up-and-coming coins before the masses get wind of them and it’s too late. Thank you very much for all your hard work

  2. Raiblocks is gonna go crazy in the next month. I’ve never seen a coin go so crazy on some unknown exchange. And its no fees and instant transactions. Everyone get on the train before you miss out. It’s getting added to binance next week.

  3. Check out CAPP, has white paper and big team, looks like it already had it’s dip after release. Obvious gamble but looks good at ,07 cents

  4. WildMiner boy looks interesting. I hold most of the other small cap privacy coins, but don’t have an account with Coinsmarket. Do you know if COLX is listing on new exchanges?

  5. Just imagine a $Trillion market cap by tax check time. Prices are going through the roof. Hodl what you have and get in where you can. It’s gonna be an 8 second ride for the next few months. Great video. Screenshot a couple of those to examine later tonight. Thanks

  6. I think Electroneum is where its at, the mobile miner is not launched yet and it is only traded on cryptopia FOR NOW … and John Mcafee just tweeted about how good it is … yeah Electroneum is gonna go to the moon come 2018, get it now when it is still cheap.

  7. You123Tube321Lover I don’t know about a correction on this one(not soon at least).
    It’s just going up day by day/month per month. Never saw anything like that before.

  8. that’s why they’re low market cap. it can sometimes be worth the extra effort. especially if you find a good coin listed on only etherdelta. that exchange is such a confusing p.o.s. that it keeps all “newcomers” out.

  9. Isma Sanchez Wow, you have ZERO clue. Please don’t breed. Jesus, don’t you trolls get enough Attention?

  10. Well….i bought a few….transfering to my wallet already ……..just incase it crashes….. ….its my new year sacrifice 😃

  11. Totally depends on whether there is now a working utility or not. For the long term, any coin in the top 20 will probably be safe. Look at the rest as high risk/high reward gambles as Jeff says.

  12. I wish people would stop calling alt-coins “investments”. These alt-coins, at this point, are nothing more than pure speculation. All these references to “market cap” and very little analysis of the business model. You might be the best programmer in the world but if you have no business sense you’ have very little chance of success. When I visit these coins web sites–if I see one misspelled word I run away as fast as I can. If you can’t even put up a web site how the hell are you gonna pull off a blockchain project? Another thing I look for is “who we are”. I want to see who the people are that are taking my money–and I want to see a picture–not some text description. If it looks like Little Mikey and his friends are working out of mom’s basement run as fast as you can!

  13. they are good looking coins that are extremely attractive – i am looking in the HTML wallet and it has TOR options – thats good to hide everything

  14. Isma Sanchez HaaaaaaAAAAhaha last year people said this to ripple too and 7years ago people said this to Bitcoin hahaha

  15. James Hardon = Spambot. Same comment under almost everyone leaving a comment about their favorite cryptocurrency

  16. You123Tube321Lover it used to be 100 prior to this mooning. BitGrail will probably fix this issue of having a minimum of 10. It was just added to BitFlip recently. Another reason for this second surge in price.

  17. yeah bud, i figured out etherdelta a while back to get ahold of coins that exploded in the following weeks because they finally were on something better.

  18. i never put my money in a coin without a sold team MVP and utility of token even though it is going 10 20X

  19. Rebel42mdx thats why i left Burst a week ago , after checking their webpage. I sold with 10% loss and put it into ripple.

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