Havven – Stable Money for Unstable Markets

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Kain from Havven and I discuss what makes Havven a powerful stable currency, what is up with Tether, and the upcoming USD nomins launch.

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Havven – Stable Money for Unstable Markets


  1. Earth is flat but all others moon ,sun etc are round ,,ok then.good luck with that

  2. well done Thanks guys………NOSHAVETILL10!!!!!!!!! K” LOL CrYpTo laRk nAtIoN

  3. Greetings from Tonga – Still trying to get my around the whole stable coin landscape. I know we need them, I know that I should get involved but am yet to decide which flavour to go for……but maybe the Pa’anga Nomin will sway me. Cheers Lark J

  4. Haha, it would certainly be useful, only trick is getting people to accept it 😉

  5. good interview sir with you and Kain from Havven I had the whole thing run in full time, good facts mentioned, anyways keep up the good work sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  6. COuld you interview JEz, ceo of funfair ? They are close to launching their product now

  7. Oh my he really is fudding MakerDAO big time (he must be scared). Again MakerDAO is asking exchanges to hold back with launching Dai currency pairs until the launch of multi collateral Dai because they are being responsible! Even though for example Bitfinex has launched Dai pairs already (yes as in Bitfinex the Tether exchange!).

  8. Haha. First scalable stablecoin on Ethereum that’s funny. Now don’t get me wrong I think it’s a good thing with many decentralized stablecoins and I think Havvens model with fees backing stability is interesting (I just don’t like all the fud and excessive shilling). But again many stablecoins is a good thing actually especially for MakerDAO because these other stablecoins will make great collateral (none crypto correlated) in their model where they accumulate stability from every collateral type they add.

  9. Is anyone else as excited by the fact that Havven backed Nomins, should be compliant with Nex, since it will be supporting ERC20 tokens? The more research I do on Havven the more I love it’s potential. So many practical uses for this coin. Contributing to ICO’s for one. Cheers Lark for another fantastic interview!

  10. There’s lot of potential for Havven! It’s one of the few ICOs that are actually doing something.

  11. Like the fee system that rewards the users like that. Nice price drop mechanism as well. Looking forward to seeing this and its audit system.

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