Goldman Sachs CFO Calls Out BITCOIN “Fake News” – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Goldman Sachs and their CFO's response to dropping Bitcoin trading. He also talks about the recent GoChain announcement. This is a daily segment.
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Goldman Sachs CFO Calls Trading Desk Rumors “Fake News”

Goldman CFO: the story about us dropping Bitcoin trading was ‘fake news’

Goldman CFO: the story about us dropping Bitcoin trading was ‘fake news’

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Goldman Sachs CFO Calls Out BITCOIN "Fake News" – Today's Crypto News


  1. He didn’t call out bitcoin… he said the news about their trading desk being killed off was fake news. Am I missing something here? I read the interview and I didn’t see him trash bitcoin at all

  2. lol maybe we’re just splitting hairs, but the headline is meant to imply that the CFO called out the fake news that related to Bitcoin and Goldman’s trading desk plans

  3. gotcha haha the headline of the video just confused me. Reads like the CFO called out bitcoin itself rather than separate fake news. No stress!

  4. 3:31 nice of them to come out and say this 2 days after it happened he should have tweeted that right away before the people freaked

  5. T MAC I have a wacky conspiracy that they purposely planted a source of the cancellation of them opening a trading platform just to drop the price to get more and then confirmed that it was fake news and will now watch their profits pile on… just a conspiracy but it makes sense in my head

  6. Hey Alt Coin Buzz…..Remember my comment is the video about the market dropping because of the Goldman Sachs news….I called “Bullshit”…. I rest my case, thank you…..

  7. Fake news they had everything to do with the fake news with one purpose only to make people panic get the prices to drop and then buy up huge amounts themselves then release the media press saying that it was just fake news They think they’re clever and smart and we the people can’t see what they are doing.

  8. +C Lalaaa obviously. Welcome to life in markets like AIM. This happens all the time. Unfortunately, crypto is growing to more than cyber kiddy competence.

  9. very true, so many fake rumors around Goldman Sachs and crypto, one thing I do know that is true about Goldman is they are going to be diversifying into smaller cryptos like XLQ (alqo), KCS (kucoin), BNB (binance), to get in to crypto exchanges to get a control of teh market.

  10. yeah lol, so slow reactions! bet they bought btc then announced that.
    ps. check out XLQ alqo coin 😉

  11. There is no way that just because bitcoin took a 1k hit that at the same time 1600+ coins and tokens would take the very same hit without a whole market manipulator! Something is not right!!!!!

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