France Yellow Vests Take on The Big Banks & Elites – Bitcoin’s Real Ideals

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Protesters in France called the Yellow Vests are fighting the failed policies of neo-liberalism and the ruling class of banks and oligarchs, remember the real ideals of Bitcoin.


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France Yellow Vests Take on The Big Banks & Elites – Bitcoin's Real Ideals


  1. Bitcoin can shake everything up. So long as people stop selling it to the financial institutions at the bottom of this artificially depressed market. If we aren’t careful we will throw away our best opportunity at reclaiming our independence.

  2. We in America Stand with you France and thank you for helping start a movement by the people for change. YELLOW VESTS!

  3. Love your videos lark but this one is by far my favorite . Glad to see ppl waking up to the wrongdoings of central banks and how detrimental they are to society . Bitcoin to the moon :). Appreciate your videos man we shall all have more economic freedom with the invention of bitcoin

  4. +The Crypto Lark It only takes one observable event to change the notion. Think the events in France may be it?

  5. Bitcoin is peace. You’re the best Lark! I live in California and we get taxed into the ground. Hope my fellow Californians wake up.

  6. Look at the economist 2017 cover and the hermit card. It shows yellow vest predictive programming. This whole movement was planned in advance, people should know it is (((them))) that is pushing the ‘revolution’ just like they did with the first French Revolution. Freemasons have controlled France since that happened and they are pushing for another revolution, subverting groups of people who want actual change and using these riots to clamp down on people’s rights. Expect many false flags

  7. You need to flip Pelosi. She’s within reach. She the last sane politician you have. Flip her. There’s hope yet for your state. We need you, Cali!

  8. Maybe if their ppl didnt have open borders policies to 3rd world economic migrants they wouldnt be suffering

  9. Keep it up Lark I can see you are truly passionate about this and we need more like you. Thank you mate respect

  10. I really like, that you are broadening your topics into politics, economics etc. and not just sticking blindly to crypto-projects. You have much to say about it and it comes accross as something you’re genuinely interessted in.

  11. why you always say bitcoin when this is generally what all blockchain is after solving.  Debitum already has their platform up for YOU to become the bank!  I just did their kyc and will try it soon.

  12. Another Brilliant video!!! We Salute you man! You just gotta luv The Crypto Lark! So glad that you are covering what is going on in France and what happens to be spreading in Europe also which no one else is covering. This is not just about crypto, this is about Freedom from psychopathic tyrannical ruling by those who run the governments and the Banks! No doubt Revolutions are coming folks!!! Remember folks, It’s not about money anymore, it’s all about total Control! I say again Power to the People. Spread more love , Hate less of fellow Man, It doesn’t matter colour creed or what culture or religion we come from, it really is us the people against them. I also truly believe Crypto will give us some of our power if not all of it back to where it belongs to each and every one of us.Peace

  13. The cat is out of the bag, the dice already rolled and the pizza already on the table.
    There’s no going back.

  14. Love your yellow vest!! And comments, you are again, spot on! Love your way of thinking Lark, peace and love WILL prevail with more people like you!! Can you clone yourself please :)))

  15. And the precious metals market isn’t corrupt??? And I’ not against either one, just sayin’!!!+NPC# 39582472

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