Facebook’s Libra Will NOT Become Mainstream! Chainlink Move Coming? TRON, IOTA, ETH, HPB

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Will Libra become mainstream? A new survey suggests that it will not! Billy is also giving you the latest altcoin update from Chainlink, Tron, IOTA, Ethereum and eToro, as well as High-Performance​ Blockchain.
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TRON Network Officially Launches the BTFS Testnet

TRON Network Officially Launches the BTFS Testnet

700K ChainLink (Link) Tokens Moved From Dev Wallet To Binance, Is It A Pump and Dump?

700K ChainLink (Link) Tokens Moved From Dev Wallet To Binance, Is It A Pump and Dump?

eToro Adds First Ethereum Tokens to Its Wallet – 120 of Them

eToro Adds First Ethereum Tokens to Its Wallet – 120 of Them

IOTA Foundation Launches Trinity, a New Software Wallet for IOTA tokens

Survey: Facebook’s Stablecoin Libra Unlikely to Become Mainstream

Mike Novogratz AltCoinBuzz article – https://www.altcoinbuzz.io/crypto-news/spotlight/here-comes-the-bull-again-his-name-is-mike-novogratz/

HPB Partnership updates – https://twitter.com/HPB_Global/status/1144593368334262272?s=20

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Facebook's Libra Will NOT Become Mainstream! Chainlink Move Coming? TRON, IOTA, ETH, HPB


  1. Thnxx for the video bro. Please make an video about Fantom great things are comming and great news also the last week from it. Or pundix matic network and lto network

  2. Sergei risk everything for 700k??? Doubt ittt….But…that heing said…Justin Suns “Angel Wallet” that dumped at .31 to .09 is what funded BTT and TRX Gorilla Add campaign sooo…u mever know…ID say with coinbase on board their set to make sooo much more than 700k

  3. Libra isn’t a cryptocurrency. As Arthur Hayes himself puts it, it’s merely a digitized fiat. Also what do you think of STO Platforms (or STOs in general)? I’m seeing a lot of hype surrounding them, like Dusk Network being selected by Bitfinex to power their upcoming STO Exchange

  4. Never had facebook or any social media except watching vids on utube, and would never use their form of digital currency! Ever

  5. Сегодня я купил 500 граммовых монет на * mygram. сайт / грамм-маркет* я действительно верю в это! Но я уже разочарован по поводу Биткоина, мне кажется, что он не сделает столько X-es как раньше..

  6. So CL is a pump n dump that just got Google and Oracle on board? Like those two wouldn’t do their dd?

  7. Doesn’t make sense an exit scam when Oracle does it’s due diligence on Chainlink and signs a partnership

  8. This is why it is so easy to make money in this space. Because it is full of simple minded people who will think that Sergei is exit scamming by moving 700k. Despite all that Chainlink has going for it. What is worse is that those people get to have an audience.

  9. Awesome invention!!
    Locha Mesh is developing the software & hardware for private communications & Bitcoin tx broadcasting without internet or even electricity.

  10. Pledgecamp will sure become mainstream and is backed by Mark zuckerberg sister Randi Zuckerberg. Pledgecemp will be the next generation of crowdfunding platform with totally innovative ideas behind it, and soon it will trading on Binance dex too and thereafter on Binance. Will sure be on the big gainer in bull altseason

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