Facebook and Coinbase up to Something In Crypto? – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie talks about Facebook and Coinbase as well as a new alternative to ETFs. This is a daily segment!
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Coinbase Is Taking Over The World!

Coinbase on Twitter

There’s Now an Exchange-Traded Bitcoin Note That American Investors Can Buy

Exchange Traded Notes: an Alternative To ETFs

By leaving Coinbase's board, Facebook's David Marcus removes a potential conflict as the social network ramps up its crypto strategy

Bloconomic Blockchain Economic Summit

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Facebook and Coinbase up to Something In Crypto? – Today's Crypto News


  1. MrMontreezy when fb finally implements a token it will be a fork of another coin. Possibly etc but im leaning to something else like eos. Fb would never use a decentralized protocol.

  2. Something is definitely happening with Facebook And Coinbase. Yesterday I saw my first Coinbase Ad on Facebook.

  3. It is telling how many weak hands there are when you have over 200k subscribers but less than 1000 views because people have put their head in the sand during the red.. the EXACT time they should be buying up big waiting for the green to hit (when everyone ELSE buys and drives the price higher and higher).

  4. f4ll0wf1r3 People are dumb . 20k ! Yes please ! Buy now !?? But its going down ?
    A world of chimps .

  5. Great video, On the Internet, there are rumors that large banks are following the project , feniks finance, and in the future I want to complete the aspect of partnership. You hear that?

  6. I heard about feniks a long time ago and I want to get into this project, I think it will make me rich!

  7. Banks accept it! It meets all their requirements. I think they have been waiting for such a project as feniks. Fast, high-tech and attention to detail.

  8. I believe that in spite of everything feniks will create a financial system, and we will get a quality payment system! Even better than swift!

  9. Feniks are new technologies, new opportunities. I believe him ! We are waiting for changes feniks will be the main in this market.

  10. Partnerships with banks is what feniks needs, every partnership will move the price of a coin up. I believe in this project!

  11. Guys more people talking about new coin called Apollo personally i think this coin will be second coin on market why ?
    *vert speed less than 2 secondes per transaction .
    *ip masking .
    *decentralised exchange .

  12. kinda funny 6-7 months ago everyone was praying ETH, and the general opinion was ETH classic was pointless. Now it’s the exact opposite lmao.

  13. I think Facebook is working with ReddCoin and BAT behind the scenes. They made their announcement in tandem w ReddCoin’s Redd ID beta, then again when they released info about Redd ID final product out in September.. it will give u a profile to link all social media profiles, then a browser add on gives you the RDD tip button on FB, Twitter, YouTube, and more… It’s really going to be huge. I saw it as a sign when I learned John Nash, creator/developer of RDD has the same name as John Nash the mathmatician who invented the mathematics for block chain. Lol. We’ll know for sure soon enough.

  14. Right, i remember when this channel went from 30k to 44k in literally 2 or 3 days. Now only it goes up only 1000 every 2 months.

  15. Does Jeff still own dent and ember coin😂😂 I remember he was really big on them in the past videos.

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  17. would like to see a video from you on DeepBrainChain, great project that deserves more attention. Think a lot of people would find the concept interesting 🙂

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