EVIDENCE Crypto Mass Adoption Coming 2018 and TOP alt coin analysis

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A trick to learn about what is popping in the TOP 100 coins and 3 pieces of evidence why I think blockchain tech will start to go main stream in 2018.

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StarbucksCoin? Exec Says Coffee Seller Will ‘Probably’ Use Blockchain








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EVIDENCE Crypto Mass Adoption Coming 2018 and TOP alt coin analysis


  1. ARN is for airplanes I believe it’s going to big one of the biggest movers very soon once people learn more about it

  2. Thx for this vid.So goldman sachs talking the markets down,while they loading up cheap and make investments.

  3. Mass adoption: I created wallets for each of my family members. Now my kids have 1/4 of pocket money in crypto. Already started to ask questions and investigate subject. And also spread it at school.

  4. Terrific video Matt, chocked full of very useful tools/info! So much so I’ve watched it twice so far! 🦋

  5. Lunyr is a great coin already on to it since dec 2017. They have a working project in Beta. It is a decentralized Wikipedia. CryptoRus did a review of it.

  6. Bitcoin Opportunities I contribute articles and have earned about 4 LUN passively this month. The low circulating supply makes this a very exciting investment. If the platform overtakes Wikipedia (top 5 website globally) LUN will be a lot more valuable than it’s current price. 4 digits?

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