Everex / EVX – Remittance and Micro-Loans in The Developing World

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Remittances, payments, expats, and micro-credit can all benefit from Everex!

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Everex / EVX – Remittance and Micro-Loans in The Developing World


  1. Absolutely love your work. Keep it up. I hope you don’t mind, but I just sent you an email. Best, David John

  2. I know imagine how much more serious we would take him without the moe. LOL, ( He is good even with the Moe )

  3. Mr cryptolark.
    Micromoney are saying the exact same thing as Everex but seem to be at a more advanced stage. Do you know about micromoney ?
    There  CEO Anton Dzyatkovskii appears to have a hand in both projects.

  4. I’m just about positive I was an early adopter of the Lark! Check out SALT. Crypto Bud just did a detailed analysis on it. If you’re sitting on a ton of BTC etc and are holding it’s perfect to avoid capital gains.

  5. For sure, it is high on the list, need to do a more detailed analysis of it, looks really interesting

  6. very fair review! New sub.. The token cash thing where you have to go to the bank isn’t a big deal for people in that part of the world. It can be side stepped if the employer pays token cash directly to employees. The other point in the banking relationship is KYC/AML. Keeping it in the banks ensures compliance and adds speed & blockchain tech to traditional banking.

  7. I have to say that you are one of the best explainers I’ve seen. You are great at breaking down the good and bad of each topic you make a video on. Along with being very good at studying up in depth on the your topics as well. You should be a must watch on any cryptocurrency someone wishes to get into. Thank you and keep up the good work friend.

  8. The tourist thing is actually a good usecase imo. Tourists in Asia get mugged all the time. And it’s not always easy to find people accepting forex cards around streets. So if this takes off, it could be convenient.

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