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Will Electroneum Make Crypto Purposeful?

Will Electroneum Make Crypto Purposeful?

Electroneum Updates, what is ETN?

Electroneum Updates, what is ETN?

Morgan Creek Digital Secured More Money Than It Wanted

Morgan Creek Digital Secured More Money Than It Wanted

First U.S. Pension Funds Take the Plunge on Crypto Investing

Nasdaq is launching Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices on Global Index Data Services

Nasdaq is launching Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices on Global Index Data Services

Novogratz Strikes Again and Promises A New Rally

Novogratz Strikes Again. And Promises A New Rally

Bitcoin Is Going to Be Digital Gold, Says Galaxy’s Novogratz

Fundstrat Believes the Future is Looking Bright for Crypto

Fundstrat Believes the Future is Looking Bright for Crypto

Tom Lee on Twitter

With VeChain, My Story Launches Wine Bottle Verification System (edited)

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ETN, Bitcoin Pension Funds, NASDAQ BTC and ETH Indices, Novogratz Prediction – Crypto News

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  1. ETN should drop the “unbanked” thing. People are unbanked cause of KYC in the 1st place!!! How does this help them because they have a fone when people don’t even have birth certificates? They can’t make a Yoti account!!! ETN shot themselves in the foot with KYC as far as banking the unbanked. Good thing for regulators. Bad news for liberty.

  2. Pulling an off hour video tonight! Mobile World Congress 19 starts in 11 days and ETN will be opening a lot of eyes…even more than it already has. It’s not gaining 4100 users a day by accident. Great job as usual, Mattie!

  3. ETN is no doubt a great project.Nevetheless ETN is not for the unbanked.Mass adoption is for ETN.People in Europe and north America don’t need ETN.
    ETN would have worked 100% for part of Asia and Africa in general.But with the KYC and the yoti stuff billions of people who real need a project like ETN have been cut off.they would never be able to send or receive ETN.Richard Ells didn’t get it right with the KYC.
    I think an email verification,a home address,and thump print identification (2 fingers left ,2 fingers right) would be enough.and ETN would have boomed to the moon.because of this yoti complications thousands of people sent all their ETN to Cryptopia.
    Let Richard ask users opinion of stage 2&3 of the’ll shocked to know that 99.99% hate it

  4. Electroneums at the Mobile World Congress will rock the world of Digital currencies I sure and will make people take note! Thank you again. Ps Ur info and voice makes ur channel a must watch for me Sir!

  5. Yeah , thats a sticking point you shouldnt be willing to give that up so easy and for me thats a huge NO

  6. time will tell when Cryptopia will be online again. NZ Police announced that they finished already their investigation.

  7. I dropped ETN once they required KYO and ID details. Too much risk to privacy. I don’t trust giving out my info just to use their wallet. I get what they are trying to do, but no thanks. I think it goes against the original spirit of Crypto. Litecoin and Monero after going the right way with privacy and fungibility.

  8. In a bear market where projects are closing down and firing, electroneum just keeps building and delivering. This project will succeed.

  9. 1:10 Electroneum Updates
    2:28 Morgan Creek Digital Secured More Money
    4:12 Nasdaq is launching Bitcoin and Ethereum Indices
    5:57 Mike Novogratz Strikes Again and Promises A New Rally
    8:35 Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Believes the Future is Looking Bright for Crypto
    10:19 With VeChain, My Story Launches Wine Bottle Verification System

  10. If you don’t like KYC then there’s many different private coins outhere like Monero, Verge, Spectrecoin, etc… also 99% of cryptocurrencies don’t require KYC, so you can buy anything, but KYC makes ETN unique

  11. +Martin Smile you are such a liar. Does your bank sell your personal data? Does your mobile company sell your personal data…? You are an idiot

  12. You have done it to your government many times. You have done it when you bought any mobile or laptop or car with a fingertip scanner, etc etc… Of course you can say no all the time and you can move into a cave next to your town, that’s your decision. Nothing is compulsory

  13. You are wrong, ETN is useful in Europe too and everywhere else. If you wanna use it it’s much cheaper than Paypal or any bank and you don’t need to hodl ETN to use, you don’t need to keep it after receiving ETN, you can use ETN/FIAT exchanges immediately

  14. Actually, it’s not true. Cryptopia is a small and independent exchange. So you say Ethereum and Bitcoin are going to be died too, just because Cryptopia has ETH and BTC markets as well…? You cannot be serious…

  15. Probably he’s got more money than you have and you say he’s an idiot meanwhile you’re an “expert” only here at the comment section

  16. +Peter what has money got to do with anyone’s intelligence. Einstein wasn’t the richest guy. I’m no Einstein but your logic is flawed dear sir.

  17. +Synth Wave Dreamin
    Ad hominems are tools of the weak mind. Try again.
    I don’t like it/own it anymore because I fundamentally disagree with that approach. I don’t want to get into Crypto in order to have another back account. I can use PayPal for what ETN is doing.
    Also, I don’t need your buy in for what I do with my money. The hilarious thing though is hope much it hurts your feelings I’m not buying into your shitcoin. It seems you are starving for external validation for your Crypto holdings. That’s pretty weak. Your clearly not confident in your own decisions; and you lack the caliber to make a persuasive argument. Your only mechanism is trying to call me an idiot. Sorry, that stopped working in the 7th grade. You’re a pretty low caliber thinker, huh?

  18. +Synth Wave Dreamin Not sure what you’re talking about. What people hate something for no other reason than to hate it?
    And why don’t you walk us through how you arrived at that conclusion. (I can’t wait for this line of bull***”). 😀

  19. +Synth Wave Dreamin You copped out pretty fast. I could tell you were a coward, but you set a new record. Probably a smart decision though. I was getting ready to eat you for lunch.

  20. Peter No I haven’t done it. Ever. And yes, I would very much prefer a cave to living like someone who has taken the ‘Soma’.

  21. @Synth Wave Dreamin Did you just delete your comments? Ha ha. Hilarious. That’s exactly what a coward would do. You’re too embarrassed to stand by your b.s.

  22. +Peter Since you’re so eager and supportive of handing over your personal identification information , why don’t you share with us what you know about how that information is being stored, under what jurisdiction, who the principals are, what insurance they carry…
    Especially to a Crypto startup a fraction of the size with a fraction of the resources as Equifax – who can’t even protect their data. But hey, you’ll have over your identity info in exchange for getting access to a… Wallet. 😂🤣

  23. +Christopher Koumi Never left. Have to stay around for ETN’s big announcement that won’t move it 2/10’s of a cent.

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