Ethereum to Break $300? Energi up 400%, ChainLink and Tron News – Altcoin Update


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In this #Altcoin update, Billy is looking at Ethereum and if it might break $300 soon, ChainLink Thundercore Partnership, Energi surging more than 400% and the latest news from Tron.

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#Etheruem to break $300?

Ethereum (ETH) Price Weekly Forecast: Break Above $300 Likely

Ethereum 2.0 launch is almost 6 months away now; mark the date

#Tron updates:

Tron join hands with LATOKEN to become an IEO payment token

ChainLink (LINK) Thundercore Partnership

Following Google Cloud Announcement, ThunderCore Announces Partnership with Chainlink for Oracle Services

Energi (NRG) up 400% + in 2019…Breaks into top 100!

Interview with ENERGI (NRG) – Cryptocurrency for World Adoption

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Ethereum to Break $300? Energi up 400%, ChainLink and Tron News – Altcoin Update

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Always appreciate the good content on this channel. Can you do a video on XLM, Telcoin, and Dragon chain?

  2. Hey mate, check out Tael when you get a chance. Would be great on a discussion about crypto adoption. They’ve got an adoption page too to show live stats

  3. Yes, I do believe that Amazon will accept some types of cryptocurrencies. Jeff Bezos is a smart man and knows how to run a business. I think within 2-3 years we will see this.

  4. It’s amazing how much $PLG (Pledgecamp) is flying under the radar, but I can assure you that it will be the talk of all crypto influencers within days of its listing on Binance DEX. One of the easiest 10x this year.

  5. He has the most simple and user-friendly explanation on earth 🙂 without bla bla bla 😀 tnx for directions..

  6. douglas’s method is 100% legit – I think his style is conservative – but a good teacher – and to tell you the truth ,he is one of the few folks out there showing people how to trade. People can learn alot from him.He deserves more audience, go Subscribe to his channel or join his Telegram group.

  7. He is one person that I trust anywhere in this space! I can always tell you are speaking with conviction and experience. Very very smart!

  8. If you have been looking for an opportunity to increase you bitcoin don’t just look at this post and walk away, this is the very best opportunity you have been looking for

  9. To avoid making losses while trading, you need to get full understanding and knowledge it is not something you just gamble , douglas strategy is very effective, Consistent and constructive. I am getting the best from it..Thanks

  10. I’m new to crypto and I’m trying to understand how a company like Amazon can work with accepting any form of cryptocurrency because of its volatility. I’m just trying to learn so please go easy on me 😂

  11. Best time to buy Ethereum guys ,this is the bottom price for Ethereum,$350 and $500 is on is way.Cheers

  12. Bobby Lee had a big influence on Charlie Lee’s decision to sell. Charlie’s brother Bobby operated the largest BTC exchange in China before he had to shut down

  13. I hope ltc and other ‘pure crypto currencies’ are accepted as payment.
    I would like to see the industry better at categorizing between token, gas and currency.
    Ether is a fuel, not a currency, and same for eos. I hope it will never be a currency because that might interfere with value and transaction cost stability and inflation right?
    Use the token and fuel and currencies what they are designed for 🙂

  14. Energi up 400%, did you bother checking the volume before making this video? 500.000 dolllar…so pump and dumps are the new content I guess….

  15. Didn’t amazon already buy up domain names like amazoneth, amazonbtc, amazonbitcoin etc???

  16. Herbs & Oils Costa Rica lol i dont see any dumps on energi. Take a look past your judgement maybe this project is really valuable that it can rise parabolic like bitcoin. Even if it dumps. People wanna buy that nrg masternode 😜

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