Ethereum ETH to $208 & Litecoin LTC to $54 THIS WEEK? Plus Tron TRX Analysis

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We got a nice little rally going for some of the major cryptocurrencies and the big winner is Litecoin. In this video, Marten will take a look at Litecoin LTC, Tron TRX, and Ethereum ETH.


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Ethereum ETH to $208 & Litecoin LTC to $54 THIS WEEK? Plus Tron TRX Analysis


  1. kI would not be dependent on charts for blockchain. traders do not understand if a good project or not. They are just trading to make money. if not a good project then will fail. You have to include the fundamentals of the projects. check out EOS.

  2. it might go to 208 and 54, and 4900 btc, but afterwards we will capitulate to double bottom in the 2800 to 3100 btc range

  3. Litecoin is a scam.
    There is no use case for Litecoin.
    Litecoin cannot be ‘silver to Bitoins’s gold’ simply because, contrary to gold, Bitcoin can be divided into infinitesimal bits.
    Even Litecoin’s ‘inventor’ bailed out a long time ago.
    That should tell you all you need to know.

  4. thanks for sharing. I have a bitcoin youtube channel where I do daily technical anlaysis videos as well. I appreciate your content, keep it up!

  5. I didn’t notice it myself. What I do notice is the way many continentals must say “shart” instead of “chart”.

  6. Really dude!

    I’ve been accumulating gold and silver since 2012 and made little gains

    Crypto is far better investment

  7. +B onit
    Using the term “use case” for something like Ethereum is more popular for sure, because many cryptos try to do something unique for a use case to fill a niche. For many cryptos, especially those towards the top of the market capitalization list such as BTC, the most common use case is simply means of exchange or store of value. LTC is compared to silver because of it’s prevalent store of value use case. BTC compared to gold because it’s store of value, being more rare and worth more than silver. Both are also used as a means of exchange, similar to how precious metals can be used, however many people don’t spend them and hold on to them hoping the value will increase in the future, thus the analogy.

  8. Sound centralized much, telling us what is what, and what we should do. Bitcoin extremist confirmed.

  9. +Crypto Realist
    I am simply correcting inaccuracies. Where in my comment did I tell anyone “what you should do”? Even if I did, how does that have anything to do with centralization? Do you know what centralization means? And how does anything I said make me a “bitcoin extremist”? I stated zero extreme viewpoints and I own zero bitcoin. Idiot confirmed.

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