EOS Crypto News – REX, EOSFINEX, & BIG Announcement


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All of the latest from EOS as the resource exchange is rolled, projects continue to migrate, more dexs announced, and a really big announcement.


Disclosure: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational purposes. Furthermore, I currently have about $50 in EOS and a small amount of tokens for playing around on the network.

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EOS Crypto News – REX, EOSFINEX, & BIG Announcement

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. EOS will expand so fast for the next two years….it will be INSANE…INSANE I TELL YA!

  2. Hey lark great vid, you should interview Kevin rose from the EOS New York Block producer team, the dude is an absolute gem

  3. A breath of fresh air. If Crypto Lark discusses Eos then you know your backing a winner. Giddy up Go Eos

  4. +The Crypto Lark I will grab him on telegram and send him your way mate ,

    What’s the best way for him to contact you?

  5. Crypto lark, you do such a great job, I was wondering if you could talk to my father and convince him to invest in Bitcoin. Silly me. 😁😁

  6. I think the development of dapps happening left right and center is a big win for crypto adoption. I was a child in a world without computers. I was an adolescent when the internet started to become a thing. Only the super rich had mobile phones, they were the size of bricks and weighed as much too and all you could do was make a phone call on them (or send a fax if you carried around enough heavy equipment with you). The average Joe never thought that 10 years later everybody, including the homeless & jobless would be walking around with a mini computer in the pocket. Internet tech has evolved a lot. Once it was just html, then there was javascript, then php etc….. Developers have to keep up to date. Personally I was very fluent in an ancient dialect of html, a lot of which is almost completely redundant now and completely useless in today’s standards of websites . The more developers starting use blockchain in thier development pushing the boundaries of the technology as they expand it, it will eventually take over as the predominant way of doing things. I saw the same thing happen with php back in the mid to late 90’s.
    Microsoft had ASP, PHP was the open source competitor. Who uses ASP now? or has even heard of it? PHP rose up to rule the internet as the driving force behind websites, and nobody owns it, just like blockchain tech and from observing the advancement of tech from living in a time without computers or mobile phones, I can see blockchain tech becoming the core of all computing development, and when I say I see it, I mean it’s happening right now and I recognise it because it’s in the same stage as the early internet once was, with developers gradually driving it forward.

  7. That’s all good but how would EOS compete against iOSt ..

    .. waiting eagerly for your response 😆

  8. Eos is not competing with any platform. Eos is defining the the future of blockchain. Hahaha…i knew one day Mr Lark will wake up…cos you cannot keep dreaming forever.
    Congratulations Mr. LARK. Any one who still doesn’t see the reality of eos will be left behind.

  9. +Rockstar Ronit The converse argument could be made about IOST competing w/ EOS. We’re eagerly awaiting *your* argument. 🙂

  10. Well I dunno…. John Oliver said EOS was a scam – and he is an independent journalist….

  11. Trust in experts is what we do, but I am yet to meet anyone who can take in the full breadth of reality and convey that better than what my own senses do. We have limits, we need to work together, this both our strength and our weakness. When we defer wisdom to others we become slaves to whatever koolaid they are offering. Only the truly fearless have a shot at honesty, I ain’t there. Where there is strong opinion, there is personal attachment. Look deeply, feel everything, especially when it hurts.

  12. +FreeMocean I was being silly. John Oliver is a fully entrenched member of the media-political-industrial-complex.

  13. My response. There is enough room for both. Crypto is at the beginning of its history. We don’t need tribalism for each community. It’s about making the movement against the traditional financial system which is important and bringing freedom to the people.

  14. Installed an EOS wallet yesterday on my leger but you have to install a separate desktop wallet also. After that you had to do even more and pay for registring the wallet. You get some EOS back in your wallet but my first thoughts were WTF?

  15. +Lila Luke Cardano will scale don’t be using that as an excuse the future will be decentralized
    Eos won’t be part of it

  16. +Darren N use your brain darren use your brain. Scientists are just telling ppl they are stupid and just them know the truth. Use your brain and you will see thousands of nodes are not gonna scale.
    The future are practicable usable, censorresistant dapps. If you go after decentralization just use the tcp/ip protocol. Thats more decentralized than any blockchain will ever be.

  17. Well we shall see in a few years. Time will tell. You keep fudding buh that will not stop eos. Keep your ethereum bag and hoping

  18. Nice to see you covering EOS — they are indeed making some progress, things are looking up…. we just gotta keep that damned ‘old money’ out of our friggin lives as they will take control and manipulate the chain like they’ve done to every other medium brought to us.

  19. +Lila Luke it will scale period the future will be decentralised
    Eos wont be part of it

  20. +Darren N for now 1% inflation a year. I guess maybe more in future as eos are ressources and ecosystem is growing exponential

  21. Other youtubers are scared to death for even mentioning EOS. I really don’t understand.

  22. Thank you Lark, they should really find a better spokesman than Brock Pierce lol

  23. I’m not saying it’s “Proof of Aliens”, but it’s Aliens! 👽🛸👽

  24. Would be great and really profitable if XCOEX will listed EOS with some discount

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