Elastic XEL – Decentralized Supercomputer Review

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Elastic – The other decentralized super computer

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Elastic XEL – Decentralized Supercomputer Review


  1. Thank you for another great review! Please cover Wanchain, ICO looks great, delayed 3 – 5 weeks but project is solid af. Guys from Factom running it

  2. The Crypto Lark whitelist registration is in a few days though! Will be announced through their telegram. Don’t miss out!

  3. Pretty scary investment when the developers are all anonymous, and supposedly the lead developer has left the project, along with all the funding raised from the ICO. It’s all speculation, but Golum seems like the clear winner here.

  4. Dude I love all your content! But for some reason your audio is always out of sync with your video. Might consider using a different program to film these things. Keep up the content! You’re growing so fast! Awesome to see.

  5. How would this tech protect against others using my computing power for illegal purposes? How does that work, would I be liable?

  6. Same, as I have high hopes for Golum. It’s one of those nice blockchain projects that offers the ability to diversity outside of the financial sector. Very promising and exciting stuff. Anyway, love your videos Lark. We appreciate your efforts.

  7. Hey ma dude great audio now!!!!!!!! but I think you should make your body bigger in the camera, you feel really far away. And get a better webcam maybe change the contrast up.

  8. Thanks for the feedback, getting a better webcam is on the agenda, also been playing with the settings to try and get the resolution better on screen capture

  9. Hey Lark! What you think about SONM? They will be soon list on Binance! Max Kordek from LISK is Advisor and its a nice Project, like Golem.. Can you take a look at SONM ? Thx and everytime the Same with you… GREAT REVIEW ^^

  10. An active twitter and slack.. etc. Is over rated, in my opinion. Id rather know they are working then tweeting. Great vid. Ty

  11. Can’t see the full comparison to Golem here. Golem are only going for CGI rendering.
    While Elastic is developing a “real” supercomputer with its own langue Elastic PL.
    We can’t know if i will succeed, but i think they are targeting different markets and applications here.

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