EIDOO / EDO Review – Simple, Decentralized, and Mobile

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Eidoo is bring decentralized exchange to your mobile. Check it out before it pops.

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EIDOO / EDO Review – Simple, Decentralized, and Mobile


  1. I almost invested in the ICO because I like the idea. But some redflags just prevented me to get a good gut feeling. They have very aggressive advertising… e.g. the reason they seem quite active on twitter is, that they use fake followers and tweetbots, to retweet their posts! I noticed it when I engaged in a post with them…
    Also check the benchmark: They just did their ICO this month and nobody knew them before. How is it possible to already have that many followers and that their posts are retweeted more, than some of their well established competitors? I prefer projects that focus on working and delivering than talking. If you deliver, you get the attention you deserve. Faking it doesn’t look nice to me…

  2. I’m worried about the security of holding any coins on my phone. To me it’s just like leaving it on an exchange

  3. Thanks! Once again You’ve hit the nail on the head. I got excited and downloaded the app before watching your video, thinking I could use it for multi-coin wallet. As you stated, it’s Ether only at the moment, despite its raving reviews on the Play Store.

  4. are you sure your coin is eligible to send it on Eidoo ? if yes, you just need to click on withdrawal, at which coin you want to send from binance and then you put your adress from Eidoo wallet. simple

  5. Hey Lark, the team does not seemed experienced at all. Except from the advisor Paolo, look at the the core teams’ CVs in linked-in. They have some months of experience in some unknown companies, if the companies exists for real!
    There are quite a lot of red flags from me after investigating the core team. Didn’t seem trustworthy to me.
    Also road map is so general, nearly can be called as a draft. Site is beautifully decorated for appealing visial perception but the content is nearly empty. I will get the token into my radar but certainly will not invest at this phase.

  6. ok. you are obviously crazy…. i love it! 😀
    it’s very easy to listen to you, keep up the good work

  7. 8 month past and we still waiting on exchange to be released lol.

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