Double Your Money in 6 Months With Unlisted?!


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Judd Armstrong from Unlisted claims to have cracked the code with cryptocurrency trading. Trading liquid assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, he talks about the phenomenal results he has achieved and how new users can take the risk to make profits with him by buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

00:00 Intro
1:08 Have you cracked the code of crypto trading?
5:18 What are your thoughts on bitcoin’s price action?
7:30 How is it possible for customers turn $5k into over a million dollars?
9:02 How it is possible for customers to double their money in 6 months?
9:51 With such great returns, what’s the risk?
11:21 Why is your platform exclusive?
12:30 How many people have signed up so far?
14:17 Which DeFi projects have caught your eye?
16:33 What can we expect next from the company?

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Double Your Money in 6 Months With Unlisted?!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Interesting that he’s not explaining and holding back….at least teach us what we should pay attention to

  2. I’ve been with Unlisted for months now. Really enjoy the approach, and the impact it has on your lifestyle. Solid returns, great education, and found a great community of wonderful people. Highly recommend Unlisted.

  3. I have a secret no one else has ever thought of. Here take my magic elixir, what it costs can’t compare to the exciting wealth headed your way 🙂

  4. I first heard of them on Bitboy. Since joining, they have well exceeded what I expected. The returns have been great, but the lifestyle it creates is what I like the most

  5. I’m cynical by nature but I gave Unlisted a shot. It’s not a magic elixir. It’s a process of minimizing risks and maximizing profits through calculated moves. There have been some small losses (anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you), but they’ve been single digit losses (minimized risk). The losses have been outweighed by double digit wins. That’s unlisted in a nutshell. Bigger wins, smaller losses = profit. if Judd isn’t for you, fine. But unless you’re a professional trader you need to find a plan. Don’t trade on headlines and YouTube video tips. It’s a recipe for disaster. I’m sticking with Judd and I wish you the best.

  6. Judd said he couldn’t tell the secret of Unlisted but if you listen carefully he reveals the secret when he was talking about the swing points. He didn’t actually reveal everything but gave more than enough for someone to work out the swing points their self. Math is beautiful it controls the whole universe and if you find the right mathematical formula like Judd and many others you can create great things. I’m not a math person but do realize what math can do.

  7. It works! I signed up 4 months ago, I follow the daily dialogue and charts, and have learned more about trading crypto in four months than I had ever learned by fumbling. My profits far, far outweigh the tiny cost to be a part of the group.

  8. Geez 4 months ago and they still only have 500 signed up. Sounds like thry are pushing hard with this promo vid to scam some more people in!

  9. @kade.jackson. vii Or maybe a lot of people weren’t aware of this platform. Not everything that becomes common or popular is good.

  10. @Druch79 such a strange answer. No one wants the lifestyle… we wanr simple profits … Even the replies of people makes me worried. Just say if the signals make good money or not. Thats all we need to know.

  11. @Blair if they were that good they wouldn’t have to charge. They’d be making plenty with their own trades. Signing up 1000 people just gives them 400k safety net for themselves if they don’t do any good.

  12. I am a proud member and LOVE unlisted! Not only for the support, trades, but also to learn about the right mindset.. How to stay out of emotions by following the proven system! Besides that.. the community is fantastic, and the personal support you get is amazing!!! So glad to be in it, and that is not becoming more than 1000 members, keeping the quality on this high level! and what really inspired me is the reason they started the Unlisted Project.. (not for the money as Judd sold his company for 95 million) but because they want ‘to give back’.. there are good people in this world and Judd and Mordy are definitly one of those!

  13. Layla. VOD coming Oct 15 on $THETA. Crypto Week too. Data Dash, Crypto Crow and others moving to Theta with 550k following

  14. Looks very interesting but how do they manage to take 10% from profits without full access to your trading account?

  15. @Anonymouse 1 they do. What he means about lifestyle…is that this method is life style friendly. No need to be glued to charts trying to trade every move. You can go live life in what ever lifestyle you want. Get the alert then make the trade…go back to life. Simple.

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