Disaster Security, Immediate Payout & Smart Insurance – Inmediate ICO – Zilliqa

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Inmediate ICO debuting on Zilliqa later this year is bringing the blockchain and the insurance industries together. Strong partnerships with big insurance providers and a team with a lot of industry experience make this a token sale to take note of.

Disclosure: This is an sponsored review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational puposes.
Furthermore, I currently have not invested in this project, but may consider doing so in the future.

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Disaster Security, Immediate Payout & Smart Insurance – Inmediate ICO – Zilliqa

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. This is probably the only crypto review I take it to the facevalue

    First 🙂

  2. geeze, no love for the usa with insurance price gouging crap that goes on here! I gotta move~

  3. Boom! InsuranceBlockchain. I suppose it will take years before the vagueness goes away. Better to start now; my question towards Propy was the title insurance claims. Great review Lark. Aloha.

  4. Thanks for another great review Lark. Looking forward to seeing the finished products ease of use for consumers.

  5. Insurance and blockchain, brilliant idea!
    Blockchain is meant to relieve us of the scams we live with on a daily basis, insurance is certainly one of them.
    Nice one, Larky!

  6. Fizzy is another smart insurance contract by the insurance giant AXA (Ethereum platform ). I’ve been in insurance for years and LOVE that we are finally going to be disrupted. Our industry is resistant to change and is a very slow giant. Although not a solution for all lines of business- still very exciting!!!! Thank you for showcasing an insurance industry product ❤️

  7. Cryptology yes! I’ve been around for quiet sometime, and the time there wasn’t health insurance, most people could afford it. Now there is this middleman profiting btwn patients and Drs, the price have skyrocket…

  8. Thx Lark for the good review. Could u tell us what do you think about feniks ico? They have so storng an idea and realise MVP soon

  9. Thumbs up for letting people know that this ICO is not for US investors up front, instead of letting us watch the whole video till the end, then tell them that its not for US citizens. Although I watch the videos anyway, weather I can invest or not.

  10. It is not an ICO for ICO, they have big idea which can change the financial world and how we can see Alan Boyd is an Advisor in this project.

  11. Thank you for this video. Zilliqa is a good project, and I know some ICO which can show more x and profitability. It is feniks.finance ico.

  12. Just saw Feniks finance review from Gs blogger and we can compare with ziliqa project, what do you think? I’m thinking feniks is the best ico of 2018!!

  13. Well, if anything will test smart contracts it’ll be the insurance world. The amount of abuse and fraud that will be hurled upon it will be legendary. I fear smart contracts are not smart enough to deal with insurance yet. Hope I am wrong!! 🙁 … Thanks!

  14. somehow cant see the insurance industry embracing a fair system………..however may be a pool or crowd type of insurance could work but its a murky world

  15. Certainly enough problems to fix in the insurance industry.. 12/2016 my apartment completely burned down because of a neighbor’s kitchen fire, still waiting for insurance to pay..

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