Debitum Network – Financial Solutions for Enterprises in Emerging Markets

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Debitum Network is leveraging the many advantages of blockchain to provide financial solutions investors and small to medium sized enterprises in emerging markets.

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Debitum Network – Financial Solutions for Enterprises in Emerging Markets


  1. Please don’t get greedy with all the sponsored reviews. At least mix it up with ICO’s you discovered yourself.
    I usually stop watching after I hear it’s sponsored.
    Other than that I really appreciate you work.

  2. @cryptolark you should talk about hitbtc and their shady trading platform. I’ve had issues and so have many other traders in regards to missing coins, freezes, ious, and account lock outs. You should warn others about using this exchange to spread the word and keep from jeapordizing crypto currencies good name.

  3. Interesting, haven’t had any direct experience with them, but exchanges have too much power, thanks for the heads up!

  4. Hey you Kasi..if you dont want to listen and think Lark is biased then get the hell out of here..he is at least doing some thing good than sitting and commenting like you dumbo…BTW….Nothing comes for free..

  5. X. Li | remember: the world of humans will function on blockchains (sadly not Tangles) it could well be the end of fiat. Atleast… that is the picture that is starting to form from my view.

  6. Hey CryptoLark, why not be the first to do a video about the fact that it’s currently on Kucoin.

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