Dash Is Breaking Out! Ethereum & Cardano’s Next Move! – Technical Analysis

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In this video, Marten will look at Ethereum, Cardano and finally Dash.
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Dash Is Breaking Out! Ethereum & Cardano's Next Move! – Technical Analysis


  1. Doesn’t crypto go down the last 6 years right before Chinese New Years? Should we be worried again this year too???

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  3. This is totally legit. I started off with 2 xrp and I have now traded up to 1.5 million btc, 8 million eth and 24 million ltc! The guy is a total genius I really don’t know how he does it. He also delivered a real life unicorn straight to my front door (which my daughter loves) and I’m also expecting 4x 5kg bars of pure .999 gold bullion by the end of the week. No word of a lie.

  4. Switcheo is what you need to review a DEX that has ledger integration and is the easiest exchange in crypto. They are adding ERC pairings right now. And a fiat gateway this year !

  5. Cardano is the blast I trust it, it will be on the moon, but want to see a review on trending ico like viewo, verasity, etc

  6. Click bait title. DASH moved like 2% in the past 24 hour…. is that what you call breaking out?? Lol

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