Dash – Cryptocurrency’s Answer to Digital Cash?

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Dash, the digital cash that wants to be the new Paypal continues to grow its network or partners and nodes, but can it ever truly compete with Bitcoin or the global credit card companies.

Disclosure: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational purposes.
Furthermore, I currently have like $1 worth of Dash……to the mooooon!

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Dash – Cryptocurrency's Answer to Digital Cash?


  1. Crypto Lark you are the man! My favorite personality in crypto. Plus you’re super creative. I love this progress report series!!! Much needed in the space. Thank you for continuing to bring us the real!

  2. DASH was called darkcoin back in the day. I had mined a good amount which I was reluctant to keep for long because of the bad name it had made for itself due to the “premine”. I wish I had just ignored those warnings

  3. I went to Disneyworld with crypto gains, the seats in the airplane had tvs in them that had tons of ads for using dash – that’s like 300ppl per flight being told about dash 😂😂 at the gate in Florida there was a dash advertising kiosk 😎😎

  4. There are numerous driving factors that make this project stand out. The main one I believe is it’s adequate amount of fallowers. It’s definitely a project off the future. Just my 2sats on dash lol

  5. This was probably the most fair review of dash that I’ve seen (Especially related to the “premine” that many complain of). Great job.

    Dash is a truly amazing project and is way undervalued right now. They are years ahead of others in launching a “mass adoption” sort of wallet with evolution and they have built this into the protocol so that others will have a much more difficult time at bringing their project to the masses.

    Dash is going to put the prior gains to shame when evolution is launched because they are also doing a much better job of getting real life users and not just speculators. All of this work is paying off and is starting to snowball. They also have a very small float and much of their float is locked up in masternodes so it doesn’t take a lot of volume to really move the price. It is a fantastic project and I think you did a great job for a quick analysis of the project (even mentioning ASU which I haven’t heard anyone else on YouTube talk about and actually goes much deeper than just scaling). Great job – definitely a project that people sleep on in the crypto space and they will be the ones missing out! Cheers

  6. Well done…. you definitely have to have been an early adopter to be a master node holder of this coin.. WOW !!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 😎

  7. Awesome video. I’d almost forgotten about Dash. Don’t know why I’ve overlooked it before

  8. Agreed! Dash will be the next Paypal. Excited for dash evolution. Sleeping giant indeed. 🙂

  9. “Privacy coin”. It only has mixing which has been shown ineffective compared to Ring Signatures, Ring CT, Zerocoin, zk-snarks etc

  10. I dont think Bitcoin will ever be used for every day transactions………..what I would like to see to solve scalability and other obvious problems is different countries adopting different cryptos, which if you think about it makes sense on a sovereign fiscal level……..if we look at the Euro, it is definitely not suitable for multiple different kinds of economies…….Im in Nanoland or Electroneumland………Dash maybe Venezuela or Zimbabwe, or both ?

  11. +mongke Dash has never had a transaction traced through private send yet Monero has had transactions traced. Your statement is demonstrably false.

  12. Dash is my favorite by gay they are making connections and producing results while many other coins are cought up with arguing.

  13. It was the first private coin. I bought a couple when it was Dark coin. Wish I had bought more.

  14. Lark! How can we hear the whole intro song..It’s the best crypto related song around…Dang yo!

  15. One of the few coins I see youtube ads for. I see crypto related ads but dash is the only cryptocurrency. I like it. They’re trying to brand.

  16. Anyone could have bought a Dash masternode for years for a few thousand dollars, or a few hundred in early 2014. Dash also has Dash boost that allows anyone with as little as one Dash to participate and vote on smaller proposals. Plus, Masternode shares allows many people to pool their Dash together and vote and earn rewards, soon these services will be trustless at the protocol level.

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