1. Read the white paper. Their tokens aren’t securities so they don’t hold value to the company it’s only used on their platform

  2. Everyone is missing out on modum and salt…cheers to those that hodl’ed themselves through the red sea! Strong hands everybodu

  3. Can we get a video on High Performance Blockchain (HPB)? seems to be getting tons of attention! Thanks!

  4. tried to get in on the presale but didnt know how to enter ico sale, didnt want to risk losing any eth at the time

  5. Altcoin Buzz I know and I appreciate that, It’s just sketchy and I got a bad feeling about this ICO, If you do end up investing in it take a small position and be careful.

  6. QSP will jump up in price very soon, there a great project and team, Dent and APPC are the coins for 2018 though.

  7. i know, im just busting your balls. its just funny to hear it as you said it in the video. Everyone should take responsibility for their decisions

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