Cryptocurrency TOP 10 Altcoins For Jeff 2018

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I was asked for my Top 10 Altcoins and Cryptocurrency, this is my most comprehensive list up to the moment. Theta Token, Icon, Vechain, Binance Coin,Stellar, Cardano, EOS, Wax, IOTA and Golem. Please always do your own research and realize this is not professional financial advice. Thank you to everyone for watching. Share your thoughts below.

Cryptocurrency TOP 10 Altcoins For Jeff 2018


  1. Neblio… Nano… Eos …Quantstamp …komodo….nulls…ethlend…icon…vechain…oyster

  2. POWER LEDGER have the extreme tech challenge finals coming up in Sept/Oct this year, Powr was always a medium hold but we should see some decent rallies in second half of 18.

  3. My top picks:

    Oyster-Free Shell token for every token you hold in April. Mainnet deploying soon. A real need use for their project. Team is openly communicating and meets deadlines.

    Stellar-Of the top ten this is the project I see being successful the most. Partnered with IBM. Promising year.

    NCASH-They already have a working product. I can see a lot of big store chains partnering with them in the future.

    Ripple-They are looking to be successful with banking. I really do think they will also be on Coinbase this year.

  4. Jeff is shilling all the coins that he owns that are in the red. Don’t worry Jeff, they will all bounce back. You will not be nursing so many losses.

  5. Thanks for the video. I have been making a lot of research about SciDex their project extremely interesting

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