Cryptocurrency – The Path to Economic Freedom – Cameroon Case Study

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Can cryptocurrencies help underserved economic zones, cities, and breakaway regions the world over ignite their economies. Cameroonian region Ambazonia is launching their own crypto, can it help them?


Cameroon separatist group creates cryptocurrency to wean off colonial CFA franc



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Cryptocurrency – The Path to Economic Freedom – Cameroon Case Study


  1. 1st Troll….Remember! Before January 3rd to remove all your coin’s from exchange’s… #Not keys ….not your coins…

  2. Ambazonia eh? How big is the premine on the currency? How centralized is it? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was as bad as xrp. I wish them luck.
    It could at least give people something that gets them closer to bitcoin. No doubt some version of shapeshift will become available so they can shift their fed coin into bitcoin.

  3. They should probably release their own currency if they want to control the monetary policy. Then back it with bitcoin like gold used to back currency.

  4. +The Crypto Lark
    Problem is they would have to buy them. If they take a lesson from Brad garlinghouse they can just print an insane amount of their crypto then try to convince people that it isnt usery. But they will have the tokens to start with if they print them.

  5. If this comment gets 100 likes

    It means we all love Crypto Lark! 😊💙💚💛💜❤

  6. It always depends if your local currency is more or less stable than bitcoin. Some African currencies are actually less stable than Btc, so they benefit from tying their currency to bitcoin

  7. My skeptical 2 cents. Wouldnt this be a factor to create more regional divide between the people within a country thereby making it more pausible to target businesses that use region specific cryptocurrency? Considering the govt can impose any laws since they are still a part of the country? What if the govt makes it illegal to use this crypto and calls it treasonous?

  8. I see no updates on, please, upload your videos there, I’m leaving youtube surveillance and non stop ads

  9. Not much at all, I imagine. There’s a lot of FUD in the mainstream media, but it’s not effecting much in the real world. 😉🇬🇧

  10. Wow, Larky, I’m TRULY impressed by your researching skills! 🙂

    I’m Cameroonian myself, and I have to say that the country is definitely undergoing crazy times; after over 40years of (fake) stability. “Ambazonia” is not recognised at all and VERY controversial among most Western Cameroonians and the NW and SW inhabitants themselves. A lot of the Anglo-cameroonians have been displaced, so you can wonder what sort of political/democratic legitimacy this local “government” has.

    As you said, they are trying to leverage cryptocurrencies to bypass their economic isolation and the Euro domination through the Francs CFA. It sounds like a good step, because the region has great fields, lands and natural resources (Oil, Wood, Diamonds): they could eventually use these riches to back their coin and find international trade partners.

    However, I doubt this will happen peacefully and without immense struggles. Cameroon relies HEAVILY on these two regions’ for its GDP and trades. The Cameroonian government recently signed a contract with China allowing them to mine diamond and exploit oil for the next 50 years or so; so they can’t let the whole region go off. Bargaining and negotiations are going to take place soon to appease the separatists, and that will test how strong their resolve ultimately is. 🙂

  11. Wholly Crap,…..just realized this (lightbulb on).   The entire globe might be moving back to ‘nationalism’… some sort of odd NATIONALISM/GLOBALISM MONSTER MIX.    Hard to nail down exactly, but look at all of the unrest in Europe (France, Britain, etc) where everyone is looking to leave the Euro.    Oh crap…….this is gonna be really weird and chaotic.   A Bitcoin monetary bridge to everywhere.

  12. Yep! Remember Iceland Banking crash 2008 and the film ‘The Big Short’ about 2008 banking crash! (Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling) Best stay in Bitcoin (and Litecoin)!

  13. It’s should be about local community taking control of there communities back! Thanks again! God bless you!

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